Find out how to work with translators and interpreters for effective communication.



  • Arguably, the most important line on a business card is your title. The greatest impact you can have is with a correctly positioned title in a Chinese framework. Chin specialises in analysing hierarchies and will discuss with you your purpose and target to ensure you’ll be well received.

  • Without a Chinese identity, your organisation may not engage with the China market with any real impact. Defining your Chinese identity is only one part of the Chinese branding journey. As language and cultural experts, Chin will get to know your brand, identify the scope of your Chinese marketing strategy, and help you develop a strategy that will resonate with your Chinese audience.

  • With translation (in any language, especially character-based), it is not always possible to have a one-to-one (literal) translation of something as complex as personal names and business names. Chin advises organisations who plan to do business in China undergo our branding exercise to ensure their identity, brand and strategy are protected.

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