The key to economic growth is industrial development.



Australia rode on the sheep’s back for much of the 20th century – the 21st century brings a new scenario for Australian farmers – China and its growing middle-class want to buy clean, green and safe Australian produce.

The agriculture story is more than selling milk and fruit however, every day Chinese investors are looking for investments in agribusinesses, farms and processing capacity. Much needed investment is helping develop Australia’s agricultural offering from Tasmania to the Ord River.

At the same time, exports of livestock and a growing interest in equine investment is broadening the opportunity; plus there is technology to go with it as well as training, even fodder exports are growing.

So where does Chin and its translation team come in? All of these exports have to be negotiated and approved, inspections and licences issued, visiting audit teams accompanied by interpreters and documentation translated. Much of this work is technical in nature requiring specialised and speedy written translations. Then there is the food and beverage sector where product labelling is critical – get the Chinese translation wrong on that and the risk and expense of rejection is high. Branding and marketing compliment the range of Chinese translation services to be considered.

  • Horticulture
  • Veterinary
  • Equine
  • Livestock
  • Broadacre commodities
  • Agribusiness
  • Land/property sales
  • Hay and fodder exports
  • Seafood
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Vineyards
  • Abattoirs and processing facilities
  • Food and beverage packaging
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Arts & Entertainment

Imagine an opera delivered in Mandarin, or a blockbuster gallery exhibition presented in Chinese translation for visitors. Chin has done that and regularly works on important exhibitions and performances in Australia and touring China and the region.

It has become popular to stage productions around Chinese New Year and Chin has been thrilled to partner with arts organisations to ensure the message reaches the large Chinese market locally and overseas.

It’s far more than translation though. A deep understanding of history, art, music, performance, language and how it all fits together on a website or souvenir program or in an exhibition panel brings it to life. Our expert team of translators and copywriters regularly work on all aspects of an exhibition or event.

Even before the exhibition or tour starts, there have been negotiations and communications over – sometimes – several years with the help of our Mandarin Interpreters. On opening night – you don’t want to have any embarrassing gaffes on stage or in your collateral.

  • Programs
  • Invitations
  • Announcements
  • Audio recordings
  • Gallery signage and didactic panels
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Interpreting for launches and visiting delegations
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The plasterers rolled up in gangs for the important Occupational Health and Safety training session. They reacted very well as there was a Mandarin interpreter on site and all the training materials – Powerpoint presentations, video, and handouts were translated in Chinese. The risk of misunderstanding and accidents on site were diminished and the contractor protected. Well done, Team Chin!

Whatever part of the property market you are in: investor, developer, construction company, government, purchaser, contractor, or tradie; and whether it is infrastructure, house and land or apartment developments, property marketing, or even landscaping, Chinese involvement will be anticipated and valued.

Communications at all stages of a project must be created in Chinese.

Chin works on the sales end of a project with marketing materials, sales collateral and the like; but we are also integral in the lead up and all-important negotiation stages, too. With a Chin interpreter and the Chin translation behind you, it relieves a gap in communication and enhances the likelihood of winning the project or the investment and no stuff-ups.

Gestures like presentation of a correctly rendered Chinese business card, a beautifully written email or a polite follow up letter translated in Chinese make a big impact. Use of Mandarin interpreters to ensure negotiations proceed smoothly – all are strategies to give you an edge in this competitive market.

Decision makers and partners in projects need clear understanding of each other and from our experience to get the deal and bring it to conclusion requires good bilingual  communications at all stages.

  • Bidding and tender documents
  • Plans
  • Contracts
  • Marketing proposals
  • OH&S training sessions and materials
  • Technical documents and specifications
  • Planning documentation
  • Business cards
  • Investment attraction materials
  • Negotiations
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For much of the last 25 years, education has been a big contributor to Chin’s translation workload.

Now as Australia’s fourth biggest export market (behind minerals and gas), competition for international students is fierce, so anything a country or institution can do to reach out to decision makers is positive.

While networks and relationships are important, information in Chinese Translation is critical. Decision makers (usually parents) will spend time researching the institution – school, university, or technical college - both online, at education expos and even with personal visits.

The most important decision for a Chinese family concerns education and their child: which country and institution is best: academic results, reputation, location, curriculum, homestay or boarding facilities, safety, and options for migration are all important factors – putting all of that in Chinese translation gives you a big head start. There is also a growing local Chinese population to consider – they all have one thing in common – a preference to read information in Chinese.

As specialists in education translation, Chin’s team also advises on cultural issues – for example imagery and appropriate wording, and assists with interpreting for parent-teacher meetings, interviews, phone calls and school exchanges and partnership visits.

  • Marketing materials
  • Websites
  • School exchanges and visits
  • Visiting lectures
  • School reports
  • Agreements
  • Correspondence
  • Business cards
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Chin’s work in financial and investment areas has always been a large part of its portfolio and a barometer for the China relationship.

From outbound investment and insurance licences in the early days to a focus now on inbound investment with all institutions targeting Chinese investors and high net worth migrants.  All Australian governments are in the action too with infrastructure bids, tenders, SIV investor attraction and major events.

Financial organisations regularly sponsor events (arts, sport, etc) as well as embrace Chinese festivals; they market off-the-plan apartments and tailor funds and IMs to a Chinese audience; even bank ATMs – almost every one requires careful crafting of Chinese translations and designs.

Financial lingo necessitates specialised Chinese translations too – an understanding of the legal and financial terms, even the marketing language in a glossy real estate brochure or website; and  with everyone on the Chinese New Year bandwagon, how can Chinese collateral and language stand out. Getting the words and design right and not making any cross-cultural blunders is critical.

Clients include:

  • Banks
  • Non-bank lenders
  • Securities exchanges
  • Fund managers
  • Trustees
  • Real estate developers and marketers
  • Insurance companies
  • Accountants and accounting organisations
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Food & Beverage

It was a great honour and testament to our expertise in wine that Penfolds commissioned Chin Communications to produce its first ever ‘Rewards of Patience’ book in Chinese.

Having worked for more than 2 decades on a myriad of Chinese translations of tasting notes, labelling, and marketing materials helped a great deal and benefits our clients in communicating their brands effectively to the Chinese market.

Of course wine is just one sector we prepare translations for. Chin regularly translates brochures, technical documentation, and develops branding and labelling for dairy including infant formula, chocolate, fruit such as cherries, table grapes, citrus and stone fruits, seafood, meat, organics, even menus.

What we hear all the time is that our translations have elevated the brand in China, helped in export, removed errors from in-country translated labels and clinched deals, not to mention navigating a fancy menu!

Chin’s experts also advise on wording and imagery and can assist with design; we also perform back translations from Chinese to English to comply with quality and export regulations and protect your exports.

You don’t want your wine to be read as ‘out of fashion’ or ‘titillating’ and your lingering finish to transform into a ‘brown veneer’! Chinese translations that went wrong.

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Most government departments have engagements with China – from health to economics, agriculture to the arts.

Federal and state governments are pitching for investment, skilled migrants, export approvals and tourists. They receive delegation visits from high level to routine inspections, sister-state and bilateral talks and they put on conferences and go on trade missions to China.

City councils engage with sister-cities and visiting business delegations and mentor special sector engagement; they also enhance community engagement with China.

All visits to and from China are underpinned by Chinese interpreting and translation. As well as the high profile presidential/ prime ministerial level are the conferences, business matching and discussions occurring constantly.

Chin Communications is regularly at the table for the big ticket events, but on a daily basis, our handpicked team of interpreters and translators are working on deals, bids and formulating successful communications for governments across the country – in writing and in speech.

  • State government infrastructure proposals and tenders
  • Visiting art exhibitions
  • Agriculture export inspections and documentation
  • Ministerial visits and missions – to/from China
  • City of Melbourne-Tianjin Sister-City Relationship for over 20 years
  • Ord River sale and development
  • Free Trade Agreement – ChAFTA – negotiations and translation
  • LNG negotiations
  • Tourism Expos
  • Bilateral meetings and roundtables
  • Sister-State/City visits and anniversaries
  • Conferences and expos, such as the Boao Forum
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Health & Medicine

Capacity building was a big driver of Chinese visits back in the 90s – Chinese officials regularly came to learn about our health system. These days Australian governments and companies are spending more time in two-way exchanges as well as setting up operations in China where aged care and health services  are growing in demand and present significant opportunities for specialist Australian organisations and investment.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for specialised translation services. Establishing relationships, reaching deals and signing agreements have to be moderated with the help of Chinese  Translators and Interpreters.

Chin has worked in this sector for a long time on incoming and outbound visits and in very specialised fields such as biotechnology, aged care services, research, pharmaceuticals, Chinese Medicine, cosmetic surgery, clinical trials, insurance and nutritionals.

We also foresee growing opportunities in areas of cosmetic surgery, medical treatment and IVF here in Australia for Chinese visitors, as well as growing exports of vitamins, nutritionals, and Chinese medicines.

  • Specialised international conferences
  • Technical documents
  • Funds paperwork and marketing
  • Aged care facility developments
  • Clinical trial paperwork
  • Marketing and information
  • Personnel exchanges and ministerial visits
  • Branding
  • Venture capital
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A law firm set out on a world-wide search for a maritime law specialist Mandarin interpreter for a big case. The Federal Court judge involved directed them to Chin Communications’ Charles Qin. Since then, Chin Communications has been involved in several large maritime cases providing Chinese translation and interpreting.

Of course, maritime law is not a daily occurrence, most of our work is commercial law and our team  is constantly translating agreements, information memorandums, affidavits, transcripts, deeds, etc. In addition, our team handles Mandarin interpreting  in courts of all jurisdictions from the High Court to magistrates courts, and for client meetings, police interviews and agency investigations.

Specialist legal translation is vital when much is at stake – it’s all about the wording when it comes to legal context and the slightest error in translation can have terrible consequences.

Protect your and your clients’ interests with experienced, certified Chinese/English translation and interpreting. Enlist Chin’s services first before the other party does.

  • Translating from Chinese to English and English to Chinese
  • NAATI certified translations
  • Court and NAATI accredited interpreters
  • Urgent deadlines
  • Legal specialised translators and interpreters
  • All legal jurisdictions
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Media & Communications

Over $20 billion of merchandise sold in the first 107 minutes on Alibaba's Tianmao site for Singles Day in 2018.

Reaching out to local Chinese consumers, for Chinese companies operating in Australia or to the broader Chinese market requires a communications strategy and must embrace traditional as well as digital media like Chinese platforms Weibo and Wechat.

Marketing and advertising agencies, public relations and events organisations and the broader media are starting to recognise this key sector and reaching out to them in Chinese translation and selecting appropriate media for their clients.

News organisations are publishing Chinese content and Chin Communications is delighted to partner with NewsCorp’s Wish Magazine - one of the outstanding prestigious offerings to Chinese visitors promoting Australia.

There is also a range of Chinese newspapers and publications to choose from here in Australia – but which ones are best and which ones to avoid? Would you trust their staff to translate your important content?

What about advisory services to Chinese organisations in Australia?  How about when communications go wrong? What about a viral post on WeChat – for the wrong reasons!  Correct Chinese translations are all important to communicate effectively with Chinese clients and to ensure that any messages going out on social or other media don’t go viral for the wrong reasons.

Chin Communications works with many agencies, designers, PR firms, and web developers to deliver outstanding content in English and Chinese Languages. We can also produce designs to appeal to your Chinese audience. We work every day in InDesign creating beautiful Chinese content.

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Real Estate

“The biggest barrier to Chinese investment [in real estate] is the language barrier.” So said a director of CBRE Real Estate on ABC radio AM Program (17 July 2015).

Real estate language, like any specialised industry has its own vernacular and what appeals to a local buyer may not be important to a Chinese purchaser. As well as preparing all marketing materials in Chinese translation, it is important to adapt the content to make it meaningful and attractive to the Chinese.

That’s where Chin comes in. We don’t just blindly translate. Our in-house specialists will tailor the wording and advise you on imagery. Our branding experts will create an iconic Chinese brand for a property development and an appealing headline in Chinese for your marketing materials.

You need creative Chinese translation experts in this competitive space. Leave the ordinary developments to ‘ordinary’ translators. Supercharge your sales with the super Chin Communications team.

  • Property advertisements in stylish Chinese
  • Iconic Chinese brand for your development that is easy to remember and appealing
  • Translate and copywrite your brochures and marketing materials to look a million dollars
  • Website into Chinese with the right keywords
  • Translate legal contracts and documentation into correct, water-tight Chinese
  • Be available with our in-house Chinese translation experts for follow ups and on-going steps as settlement approaches or property management starts
  • Provide excellent Mandarin Interpreters for property seminars and client meetings
  • Translate tenders for companies bidding for construction contracts
  • Translate architectural pitches and proposals in a creative way

Even something as basic as a ‘square’ went badly wrong where it became a square metre. Local knowledge and understanding of real estate is vital for your Chinese translators.

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We are constantly hearing about the need for more information in Chinese for our number one tourists – Chinese who spent $12 billion in Australia in 2018.

Chinese tourist numbers continue to grow, yet there is a huge opportunity for more. But how to attract them?

State governments, tourism expos, Tourism Australia all do a great job selling the dream (in Chinese).  There is a great deal of competition locally and internationally. Leading attractions, hotels, restaurants and events are catching on to the need for communications in Chinese.

So what do you need to do for Chinese tourists to find you and even promote you through their social media networks?

  • Get onto travel itineraries – negotiate with travel agents, go on missions to China
  • Get found on internet and social media with a website and enticing information
  • Appeal to status, being different and reach out to influencers
  • Provide information online and onsite in Chinese – for example menus, special offers, activities, signs
  • Offer special deals for peak periods like Chinese New Year and Single’s Day.

Good Chinese information, well translated with appropriate imagery on the right platforms will make a big difference to extending your reach and influence – you’ll be China Ready.

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