The right Chinese brand name

will change

your company’s future


Chinese Branding – Get this right and the China market awaits

If your business doesn’t give your brand a Chinese name, someone else will!

One of the first things you need to consider and also a common problem we see when businesses are preparing to take their brand to China is that they haven’t come up with a good Chinese name. Then there are some famous brands that spent a fortune only to become a laughing stock and fail. Either way, your brand will be given a name in Chinese – by your customers, competitors, distributors, or even counterfeiters.

The implications from this could be that:

  • No one can remember your products because they don’t have a catchy Chinese brand name;
  • The market creates its own Chinese name which becomes well known, and that leads to the third problem;
  • Your brand goes on to success in the Chinese space but you don’t own it!

Consumers need a Chinese name to remember your brand and buy it. You need to register the brand in China or you risk losing it – Chinese trademark or brand registration is vital.

Here are the 3 key steps we can help you with to protect your China opportunity:

  1. Consult with our Chinese marketing team who will develop the ideal Chinese brand name;
  2. Register the brand through a trademark lawyer who knows the China market;
  3. Set up and secure the best Chinese social media marketing and website options, so you can cover all your bases and succeed in China.

With Chin’s proven step by step system, we can protect your interests and help guide you to the success you deserve in China.

We offer a free consultation to start you on your journey to China: Tel 1300 792 446 or

To help with your budget and the stage you are at, we have developed 3 special packages so that you can secure the best Chinese name for your business:

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Consistently and accurately represent our work

We have had the pleasure of working with Chin Communications for several months and found their service exceptional and the quality of their work outstanding. Chin Communications have translated our marketing brochures and business cards from English into Chinese to a very professional standard. They have also been instrumental in our Chinese brand development. Their knowledge and advice has been invaluable in what, for us, is a new and tricky market. Would highly recommend Chin Communications for any language and intercultural communication needs.

Doris Niesen Baruta, Quists Coffee

“Having worked with Chin previously to create a China-specific ‘brand’ and clearly-translated name now allows us to present a consistent and accurate Burnet Institute identity in China. This long-term relationship between Chin and Burnet is also key to ensuring all our translation requests are seen within an understanding of who we are, this relationship is critical to Chin being able to consistently and accurately represent our work. I would encourage any organization wanting to work in China to invite Chin to get to know their work and their organization and together build a culturally appropriate profile.

Lisa Renkin, Burnet Institute