Bilingual Business Cards

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Bilingual Business Cards

Introduce your best self with bilingual business cards

A handshake is an introduction to your character. It’s a simple act that holds sophisticated meaning. A steady grip, a soft gaze, a slight tilt of the head – these subtleties make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

A good introduction doesn’t skip through the parts. We’ll guide you through them all and provide you with a strategic, holistic approach to introduce yourself with integrity, across languages and cultures. We’ll start with an important tool: the right business card.

Your unique blueprint of credibility.

Here is an example layout of a Chinese-English bilingual business card. It contains unique markings that are informed by the original brand guidelines, the person’s organisational hierarchy, and localised context – all without losing sight of its aesthetic purpose:

Sent tomorrow
For urgent business cards, we can send out the final product within a 24-hour timeframe, using your own design or within days for one of ours.

We’ve got your back (up)
We save everything, and we mean everything. Printing more business cards from our files or updating a card that we made a decade ago are easy as pie.

Full creative service
From creative direction, translation and layout, to design or printing; we can meet you wherever you are in your production stage.

We’ll ensure the right version of Chinese on your cards. China requires Simplified Chinese, whereas Taiwan and Hong Kong require Traditional Chinese. To learn more about getting the right Chinese business card, download our fact sheet here.

Let us help you make a good introduction.

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Interpreters all superb

"The interpreters did a fantastic job in communicating at all levels and, at times, complex industry information and training terminology. They also had an ability to match the 'tone' of the presenter.

I have been working with and through interpreters for over ten years, and this was the very best, most professional experience I've had – in fact, head and shoulders above nearly everyone else... I had never presented before using a bilingual slide, and that was great – made an enormous difference.

As for your interpreters, all were superb. They picked up instantly on everything, were very comprehensive and attentive, and interacted in a pleasant way with the participants and much less time than usual was wasted on interpretation. It definitely is worth it to have such professionals."

Dr Martha Morrow, Australian International Health Institute, The University of Melbourne

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