Business Card Design & Layout

Expert Chinese translation of those all-important names in Chinese -
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Business Card Design & Layout

Translating identity into a clear and compact visual memento with Chinese business cards

We communicate across languages, including visual and verbal. Call us holistic, if you will. When we create your business card, we apply an element of translation, add a dash of branding, a drop of strategy, and a touch of the aesthetic. All within a culturally-sound framework.

What we do goes beyond pretty pieces of paper.

Our in-house team of visual designers, translators, and production managers put their heads together to deliver a design that stays true to your purpose, communicates your best qualities, identifies with cross-cultural nuances, and fits in your pocket.

This is our process; jump in anytime.

Chin Communications provides a full service approach to creating your business cards – from creative direction and designing from scratch, to visual layouts, translating, and print production.

Tell us where you are in your creative or production process, and we’ll meet you there.

  1. We work with you to design a business card in English, just as a creative design studio would, but we design with scalability and the Chinese audience in mind.
  2. We convert your English business card into Chinese. Or, you provide us with your own existing business card artwork in English, and we do the translation only.
  3. We advise on any culturally-sensitive elements that need to be tweaked for an effective card that won’t offend.
  4. We lay out your business card, whether in bilingual English-Chinese or in Chinese only.
  5. We print your business cards, and deliver them to you. Or, we send you digital files and you can print them independently.

Let us help you make a lasting impression.

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Truly a pleasure to work with

"Truly, you were a pleasure to work with as with your guidance (prodding ;-) I think you improved the printability and quality of my cards overall. Since you had requested and then commented upon a brief overview and background of my company's capabilities I felt more confident that your translation was accurate and appropriate.
Simply, I felt I got a far better value than a typical "translation factory" and it felt more like I was working with a translation coach. Quite frankly, that is why I felt confident to recommend you for additional (legal) translation work while in a meeting at a significant Wall Street legal firm."

Jim Cranston, American Reliant Corp

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