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Translating vision into concept, into reality – your Chinese business cards have arrived

We are an ecosystem with a holistic approach to language translation, meaning we don’t work in silos converting English words into Chinese, and vice versa. Rather, we co-create communication solutions with varied, multi-disciplinary outputs. All in different languages.

We support our language translation with design capabilities; and we support our design with printing services.

Delivered anywhere
Our clients are sprinkled across the nation. We can print and deliver to anywhere in Australia and internationally
Print partners
We partner with printing studios in Melbourne, and Sydney, to produce high-quality business cards fast
Options for you
We can provide digitally-printed business cards in a flash. We also provide offset printing for a more refined finish

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Cards are printed on white, 350 gsm stock with matt or gloss finish and standard 90 x 55 mm dimensions. Talk to us for other options. We love chatting about ideas.

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Build a culturally appropriate profile for China

"The value of having materials that explicitly present our capabilities across a wide range of technical areas cannot be underestimated. Having such materials to present to potential collaborators (new to Burnet) was invaluable. Given Burnet’s understanding of the Chinese market, it is also something we see as essential to our long-term presence in China – having bilingual materials that detail our history, key research interests, and existing programs is important for building our profile and is respectful to offer to our Chinese counterparts rather than English only materials.

Having worked with Chin previously to create a China-specific ‘brand’ and clearly-translated name now allows us to present a consistent and accurate Burnet Institute identity in China. This long-term relationship between Chin and Burnet is also key to ensuring all our translation requests are seen within an understanding of who we are, this relationship is critical to Chin being able to consistently and accurately represent our work. I would encourage any organisation wanting to work in China to invite Chin to get to know their work and their organisation and together build a culturally appropriate profile."

Lisa Renkin, Burnet Institute

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