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Chinese Business Name

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What’s in a name?

Well, nothing if your potential Chinese clients don’t understand it! You’ll be sidelined before you start because you weren’t serious or respectful and didn’t bother to translate the name to Chinese.

Worse, they might make a name up for you, which could be good or bad – but you don’t own it, so it isn’t you!

You probably put a lot of thought into your English business name and can tell us how it came about. So creating a Chinese name should follow the same process. But Chinese doesn’t work in a simple word-for-word translation; nevertheless, there is always a good solution to be found by our team.

Chin Communications has two special options to create a Chinese business name and the one you need depends on how you are planning to use the name, whether you require registration in China, and your budget.


1. Full Branding and Visual Identity Options

Granting the same time and consideration to your Chinese business name as you did to the English – an immersive  Chinese naming process including market and competitor research, logo and taglines, and product names (if required); creative work including design and  templates and a number of options for registration; working with your attorneys to secure the best Chinese name legally.

2. Your Chinese Business Name – Standalone

An inexpensive approach to obtaining a good Chinese name without all the bells and whistles and without the need to register it in China.  The Chinese business name will:

  • Look good on your business card and website
  • Signal that you are serious about the China market or the local Chinese community
  • Help while you test the market with your idea
  • Can be incorporated into a logo design, business card and image

How to proceed – which option do you need

Talk to one of our helpful team members and tell us your story: what does your English business name mean, what do you do, and what are your goals – in particular for China.

Determine whether option 1 or 2 suits

  • Provide us with digital business card, logo (if a Chinese version is needed)
  • How are you going to use the name
  • Let us know your deadline.

We can create:

  • Business name alone
  • Your business card
  • Templates for brochures and ppts
  • Other collateral

Encompassing your business identity to translate purpose and impact.

For a free consultation on your China marketing and design needs contact the helpful Chin Team.

Call us now on 1300 792 446 or email us on

High Standard and record time turn around!

We did receive the cards thank you!  We had a function at NAB on that Friday and found them in their post room. So pleased with them and they have impressed many. Thank you sincerely for all your efforts to have them done and delivered. We are having an amazing agribusiness trip in China.
With thanks

Libbie Wilson, Keppel Bay Marina

Far better value than a typical "translation factory"

You may absolutely quote my comments. Truly, you were a pleasure to work with as with your guidance (prodding ;-) I think you improved the printability and quality of my cards overall. Since you had requested and then commented upon a brief overview and background of my company's capabilities I felt more confident that your translation was accurate and appropriate. 
Simply, I felt I got a far better value than a typical "translation factory" and it felt more like I was working with a translation coach. Quite frankly, that is why I felt confident to recommend you for additional (legal) translation work while in a meeting at a significant Wall Street legal firm.
Thanks again and I hope you all have a grand New Year as well,

Jim Cranston, American Reliant Corp