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Chinese Business Name

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Encompassing your business identity to translate purpose and impact

We get to know your business, long-term goals, your people, and your brand strategy in the English-speaking world; we can work towards achieving the same impact and fulfilling the same purpose in the Chinese-speaking world. It’s a very involved, thoughtful process that requires the hearts and minds of many people. Most importantly, you.

Business name translation
We grant the same time and consideration to your Chinese business name as you did to its English counterpart, and we go through an immersive Chinese naming process.

Market and competitor research
We’re not only Chinese language experts; we’re also experts in the space – we have the access, experience, and resources to research, and advise you on what to expect.

Business identity translation
From your brand logo and tagline, your service or product descriptions and industry-specific terminology, to your sub-brands and style guides; we map out your brand story and marketing strategy – visually and verbally – to engage audiences across cultures.

Full creative service
From creative direction and strategy, translation and layout, to design or printing; we can meet you wherever you are in your branding stage.

Let us help you translate with impact.

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Build a culturally appropriate profile for China

"The value of having materials that explicitly present our capabilities across a wide range of technical areas cannot be underestimated. Having such materials to present to potential collaborators (new to Burnet) was invaluable. Given Burnet’s understanding of the Chinese market, it is also something we see as essential to our long-term presence in China – having bilingual materials that detail our history, key research interests, and existing programs is important for building our profile and is respectful to offer to our Chinese counterparts rather than English only materials.

Having worked with Chin previously to create a China-specific ‘brand’ and clearly-translated name now allows us to present a consistent and accurate Burnet Institute identity in China. This long-term relationship between Chin and Burnet is also key to ensuring all our translation requests are seen within an understanding of who we are, this relationship is critical to Chin being able to consistently and accurately represent our work. I would encourage any organization wanting to work in China to invite Chin to get to know their work and their organization and together build a culturally appropriate profile."

Lisa Renkin, Burnet Institute