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Chinese Copywriters Melbourne | English To Mandarin Translation

Yù, in Chinese, means jade. It’s also a five-stroke character symbolising five virtues: wisdom, bravery, benevolence, righteousness, and trustworthiness.

One simple word can carry the world. The art of specialised localisation goes beyond literal translation – it unpacks concepts, expresses emotions, articulates intent, delivers style, and asserts impact. Through specialised localisation, we adapt your content so as to stay relevant to your target audience.

We may do this through copywriting, typography, image selection, visual composition – the list goes on. We transform your brand voice, your message, and your visual narrative so that they speak to your Chinese audience with clarity and style. Sometimes it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

Chin Communications helps businesses, governments, and organisations stay true to their personality with Chinese specialised localisation.


We edit or re-write source text, or originate new content in Chinese to get your message across without losing personality or purpose.

Creative direction

We visualise your message in the right context through graphic design, image selection, layout, print production, and colour guides.


We draw on our deep understanding of Chinese publishing protocols – different to its English counterpart – to advise on lettering, text alignment, and indentation.

Conceptual brand translation

We translate your Chinese brand identity, from naming to character styling, and localise the concepts that are the scaffolding of your brand.

Website localisation

We translate, re-write, re-design, and re-work your website and digital assets to convert impact for your Chinese-speaking audience.

Chin Communications actualises ideas that connect people in Australia, China, and beyond

We work with various formats – from food labelling and websites to product descriptions and company publications.

We work with technology – from Adobe Creative Suite to the more quaint Quark and Publisher, in both Mac and PC environments.

We work with selected partners – from major Australian media publications and reputable wine producers, to prestigious universities and the highest levels of government.

Let us help connect you with your Chinese audience.

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