Packaging & Labeling

Hold it, read it, want it, keep it. That’s how well-designed packaging should engage your audience

In our world, good packaging is a reflection of a great brand; who you are on the inside should manifest on the outside. How a product is packaged and labelled has tremendous impact – from purchasing decisions to becoming a collector’s item, your packaging and production quality influence these interactions.

We design this tactile touchpoint between your audience and your brand to create long-lasting connections in Australia, China, and beyond.

Chin Communications helps businesses, governments, and organisations create differentiation with Chinese packaging design and labelling. We appreciate the satisfaction that arises when thoughtful identity is enveloped by a fulfilling tactile experience, from head to heart to hand.

We’re the whole package.

We work with various formats – from wine and dairy labels, clothes labels, and paper cups to shopping bags, corporate gift wrappers, and limited edition boxes.

We work with technology – from Adobe Creative Suite to the more quaint Quark and Publisher, in both Mac and PC environments.

We work with selected partners – from major Australian media publications and award-winning wine producers, to prestigious universities and the highest levels of government.

Let us help you stand out.

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Fantastic stuff

"This looks absolutely EXCELLENT - fantastic stuff. What was needed as a last-minute rush job for a trip to China will actually prove to be a very useful resource for the AEF thanks to your great work."

Hayley Ward, Asia Education Foundation

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