Professional Chinese video production, voice over, and subtitles to captivate your Chinese audience



They’re not just words on a screen; they’re your key to being professional, dramatic, funny, or even boring

Concise and correct – all specialised Chinese subtitlers should master these qualities in their work, but a Chin subtitler brings an added value to the table: we are creative. We take those words on the screen, add style and substance, and bring them to life. It’s not just about being informative; it’s also about being interesting.

Perfect timing.

Modern technology, industry-standard guidelines, specialist translating, articulate copywriting – these components work in synchronicity with mathematical precision so that your content is delivered in perfect tempo. That way, we can present digestible information that is easy to read and understand. We also employ the right fonts, colours, effects, and styles to optimise fluency and encourage engagement.

Technology, covered.

We work in Final Cut Pro for polished, high-definition results that are of broadcast quality. Our technology can cater to various formats and purposes:

  • Advertisements
  • Broadcast television
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentaries
  • DVDs
  • Educational clips
  • Feature films
  • Web videos and webcasts

Let us help you send the right message.

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Expertise, professionalism, flexibility, enthusiasm

"On behalf of RDV I'd like to thank you for your assistance... in translating numerous documents on such short notice, providing advice on protocol and most of all doing an outstanding job at the Regional Cities Alliance Breakfast and on the Regional Visit program.

Everyone did a fantastic job in assisting delegates with facilitating conversations and clarifying questions...the delegates were very happy with the event and grateful for the experiences we all provided them.

Your expertise, professionalism, flexibility and enthusiasm is a credit to all individuals and Chin Communications. "

Nadia Reid, Regional Development Victoria

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