Website Localisation

Professional Chinese video production, voice over, and subtitles to captivate your Chinese audience


Website Localisation

Give your Chinese audience the power to engage with you, at their fingertips

A website is a powerful thing. It’s one of your main assets to convert prospective buyers, soon-to-be users, and would-be partners – safe to say, much is riding on the state of your digital assets. That’s where we come in.

We help you transform source content into the appropriate Chinese language and imagery, supported by knowledge of content strategy and with a keen eye for visual design. We translate content so you can translate click-throughs, and most importantly, we’ll make it easier for your audience to take action and make the right decisions.

Power to the people.

The Internet has handed over the power to the people. It’s, literally, at their fingertips. We think there’s an opportunity to transform that power into something good for you.

Chin Communications helps businesses, governments, and organisations optimise their experience through our professional Chinese website localisation.

We work in your CMS
Online moves fast, and so do we. We work directly in your website’s backend so content can go live as soon as possible.

We apply content strategy
We draw on our understanding of the Chinese language, typography and cultural context to structure a web page in the most effective way.

We utilise visual design
Our in-house creative team lend their expertise to ensure your digital presence reads well, and looks great.

Let us help you engage your audience.

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Record time and high standard

"All material sent to Chin Communications was translated in record time and at a high standard. Chin Communications didn't just help the department of Mines and Energy they also worked with the Mineral and Energy industry to have their material ready on time. The quick turnaround was really appreciated.

The interpreting service at the Korean event was also well received and at a high standard. The department would be delighted to use Chin Communications services again and will not hesitate to recommend them to other clients."

Cindy Mclntyre, Department of Mines and Energy

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