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Chinese to English Translation

Chinese To English Translation | Chinese English Translator

Correct translations are your insurance policy

Independent translations from Chinese to English are really important when you are going into the China business. The English might sound wonderful in your Chinese-English translation, but can you be sure it is accurate? Or it might read like a school student’s effort in which case you should definitely be seeking a professional translation. Either way, you must be confident that your translation is accurate.

Chinese to English Translation Experts

In Chinese, each character can have many meanings – we translate that meaning for you correctly and appropriately into English – good, well-written English that you can rely on.

We’re not robots – a Chin linguist needs to be a communicator, not just a translator. We’ve been putting the human touch in Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation for 3 decades, translating your stories, your messages, your purpose. We get your desired outcomes and we help you achieve them. It’s easy to choose your professional Mandarin/English translator.

From our Chin Team, you will:

  1. Be asked questions about the content and purpose and audience so we can tailor the communication correctly for you
  2. Receive correct, thoroughly checked and reviewed translations from our experienced in-house Chinese-English translators
  3. Gain insights from our team to help you with your business or situation
  4. Be available to call anytime for queries or follow up work
  5. Build your brand and reputation with quality, well written communications
  6. Get help with layout, design, branding and marketing services for an overall consistent approach and progress
  7. Receive a stamped, NAATI certified translation if required
  8. Enjoy the same consistent approach for translations into Chinese (Chinese to English translation).

Consistency and quality are not well understood in foreign language translations, one translator will not translate the same as another, so the value of using the same quality-focused translation company and translator will ensure communications are consistent, smooth and easy to follow. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It saves a lot of time and potential problems later on.

PS: We carry full insurance for all our work!

Let us help you communicate. | Chinese English Translator

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Many compliments received

I have returned from China and wanted to let you know of the many compliments that I received for both my Chinese name and the quality of our translated material. Good information, well translated ensures that appointments run smoothly and help in understanding the product we are selling. Thanks for your part in ensuring that we enjoyed a successful trade mission.

Nola Cuddy, Melbourne Star