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Chinese to English Translation

If you want a translator who listens to you and delivers the right solution for your Chinese English conversion, you’ll find our in-house team super helpful and observant – it’s what Chin is famous for!

It’s Risky Business Relying on the Other Side’s Chinese to English Translator

  • Thirty years of experience
  • Australia’s leading Chinese-English translation service
  • Trusted by government & business

Success in Chinese engagements hinges on understanding

Knowing what is in your Chinese documents is vital. It’s like the fine print. You might be signing a contract or going to court. Without correct translations, you’re in the dark.

Your Chinese partners may not be intentionally trying to trick you – it could just be poor translation.

Your Chinese assistant will, no doubt, try hard but is also likely to miss out those tricky clauses.

Or you might have piles and piles of documents and WeChat messages, but which ones are the game changers. And can you rely on the other side’s WeChat translations?

It can be overwhelming unless you get help, and that is where our mandarin to english translators come in

To help you pull off the deal you’ve been working so hard on, independent and correct translations to English are your insurance.

Supported by verbal Chinese Mandarin interpreting help when you need to have a meeting or talk through that contract – we will be there with you removing the risk by getting it right first.

  • NAATI-certified translations for official purposes
  • Verifying contract translations for accuracy
  • Reviewing evidentiary documents
  • Certifying official court documents
  • Like a native English content for websites and marketing purposes
  • Book in our Chinese interpreter for your meeting
  • Urgent turnaround

You’ve probably waded through those ‘Chinglish’ translations; you deserve better and Chin can deliver.

We have a simple process to deliver translations that work for you

  1. Contact one of our translation team today: 1300 792 446
  2. We deliver correct and complete translations so you can confidently progress or ask the right questions
  3. Elevate your chance of success through full understanding

Recognised as an industry leader, with its experienced team at your disposal, Chin Communications can help with FULL translation services and more. You don’t have to keep explaining yourself, our in-house team can support translations to English and Chinese, and we carry full insurance for our work.

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Chin Communications was a critical partner

“Trustworthy quality, excellent service and delivery on time. Best service provider in the translation industry. Highly recommended!”

Kelly Shi, Casey City Council

“We recently won a multi-million dollar Supreme Court case in which Chin Communications was a critical partner. Their translating and interpreting work not only helped build our arguments but in the court discovered critical pieces of evidence which bolstered our case. They also picked up court interpreting errors that could have changed the course of the case. Their consistent support with translation made the difference.”

Wade Guo, Yingde Investment