Chinese to English Translation

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Chinese to English Translation

The Chinese translated word is all about finding the right balance – between content and delivery, concept and tangibility, form and function

We translate nuance, context, emotion, persuasion, achievement, impact, trust. In Chinese, each character can have many meanings. We translate that meaning for you, correctly and appropriately.

Mandarin Chinese To English Translation

We’re not robots – a Chin linguist needs to be a communicator, not just a translator. We’ve been putting the human touch in English-Mandarin (Chinese) and Chinese-English translation for 3 decades; translating your stories, your messages, your purpose. We get your desired outcomes. Choose your professional mandarin translator.

Chin Communications helps businesses, governments, and organisations communicate effectively through our Chinese translation services:

Business Translation
Marketing Translation
Legal Translation
Specialised Translation

Our steps to ensure quality

1. Source text
These are your original words. They should be complete, punctuated and pun-free, written with your audience in mind, or where your source text is Chinese, we will deliver a clear, meaningful English translation. We will guide you.

2. Analysis
We read and review your text; define the audience and purpose; and identify any issues requiring solutions appropriate to cultural, situation or societal context. We’ll also agree on a timeline and quote.

3. Strategy
In consultation with you, we work out an appropriate methodology considering different purposes, various media, linguistic issues, technology requirements, usage, and audience. We may even make suggestions to keep you on the right track.

4. Research
We identify key concepts and terms, stakeholders and language interface. We undertake the necessary research with your desired outcomes in mind.

5. Translation
We pinpoint the meaning behind the source language and produce the same meaning in the target language, using the same forms and structures. Consequently, we change the form and the code whilst the meaning and the message remain unchanged.

6. Editing
We review and edit the translation in-house, ensuring it fits the purpose.

7. Layout & Formatting
We prepare the finalized translation into the format required – for example, as an InDesign file – proofread, save, and back up all files. We’ll always have your files and history in our database, so you can continue where you left off next time.

8. Proofreading
For design layouts, we review again in the proofreading phase, ensuring that all content is correctly laid out to Chinese publishing standards and in the right Chinese fonts.

9. Final product
You receive the final product in the agreed format(s). We follow up with you to ensure you receive everything, complete and ready to use.

Let us help you communicate.

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