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Legal Translation

Legal Translation | Legal Translation Service

Protect your interests with Chinese legal translation

The right words can make or break a case, that’s why we don’t leave room for error. Our Chinese-English and English-Chinese legal translation is unfaltering in precision, deliberate in its nuance, and effectual in its purpose. We’re great on paper, but we’re amazing in person – consolidate your document translation with our Mandarin interpreting service to make for a legal translation powerhouse you’ll definitely want on your team. That’s the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Chin Communications provides regular legal translation in both English and Chinese for the following:

  • Affidavits
  • Articles of Association
  • Contracts
  • Court documents
  • WeChat communications
  • Guarantees
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Insurance policies
  • Loan documentation
  • IMs
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Merger & acquisition documents
  • Mortgage documentation
  • Share agreements

There’s a lot more. Talk to us if you don’t see your document type.

How can we help you with legal translation service?

Our keen, legal translation team is here to help you avoid litigation and swiftly navigate through negotiations and agreements.

Our legal interpreting team should be engaged to assist in those all important meetings and to give your case the best chance with expert court interpreting and assistance.

Build your case
Make an even stronger case by pairing legal translations with Chinese interpreting at court hearings and meetings.
Quality guaranteed
Our Chinese legal translations are certified and painstakingly thorough. We go through a 2-stage review process before anything is finalised.
Urgency solved
We understand the gravity and pressure of making prompt and punctual decisions; so we’re ready to take your urgent call, anytime. We work around the clock to meet your deadline.
Translating actions
We have a deep understanding of Chinese legal protocols at all courts and tribunals, including the High Court. We translate words, but we also understand the process.

Get the Chin team on your side in your legal action.

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Truly a pleasure to work with

"Truly, you were a pleasure to work with as with your guidance (prodding ;-) I think you improved the printability and quality of my cards overall. Since you had requested and then commented upon a brief overview and background of my company's capabilities I felt more confident that your translation was accurate and appropriate.
Simply, I felt I got far better value than a typical "translation factory" and it felt more like I was working with a translation coach. Quite frankly, that is why I felt confident to recommend you for additional (legal) translation work while in a meeting at a significant Wall Street legal firm."

Jim Cranston, American Reliant Corp

Consistent support with translation made the difference

Yingde Investment Pty Ltd has recently won a multi-million dollar Supreme Court case in which Chin Communications was a critical partner. Their translating and interpreting work not only helped build our arguments but in the court discovered critical pieces of evidence which bolstered our case. They also picked up court interpreting errors that could have changed the course of the case.
The case was extraordinary because all the evidence is in Chinese and the witnesses don’t speak English. Chin was with our legal and executives team every step of the way and this consistent support with translation made the difference.
Thanks to Charles, Elaine and team for your every effort. Your ongoing partnership is even more valuable!

Wade Guo, Yingde Investment Pty Ltd

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