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    Hinges on Accurate Mandarin Interpreting

Ensure You Only Hire the Best When Success
Hinges on Accurate Mandarin Interpreting

Achieve better results with Chinese clients by having a
leading Mandarin interpreter on your side


Chinese Interpreter Service

The Mandarin translation company trusted by business and government with Mandarin Chinese interpreters in Australia and China

Discover the best way to achieve commercial success in China

Chin Communications has helped thousands of businesses unlock the door to business in China through our committed, prepared and experienced Chinese interpreters.

  • Thirty years of experience
  • Australia’s leading Chinese Interpreting service
  • Trusted by government and business

China still represents the greatest commercial opportunity available to Australian companies. But to succeed in the world’s biggest market you need one thing: Effective communication.

The starting point for success in the Chinese market is accurate and reliable translations. The road to China is littered with companies who saw their lucrative business ventures derailed due to misinterpretation of vital information.

You can avoid offending, embarrassing or confusing your Chinese partners by taking one simple step – hiring a Chin Communications interpreting expert.

Secure your future business:

  • Professional, qualified and experienced interpreters
  • Developing understanding and familiarity with your needs and aims
  • Guidance and support beyond the words spoken

We have a simple process to ensure you get the best outcome:

  1. Contact one of our interpreting team today: 1300 792 446
  2. We’ll help you determine your best mode for interpreting (eg in person, remote, on zoom, on-demand at any time, Chinese simultaneous or conference interpreting)
  3. Provide background information or have a short briefing with our interpreter (and a debrief)

Keep your Chinese opportunity alive with an expert Mandarin Chinese Interpreter on your side

Perhaps you also need guidance with your presentation, video, or speech – is it going to hit the mark? The wrong words or images could derail your plans permanently.

With 30 years in business helping our clients work with Chinese, we are recognised as an industry leader. Our experienced team is at your disposal, Chin Communications can help with FULL Chinese translation services and more.

Call our in-house interpreting team on 1300 792 446 now

Can you afford not to have a professional Chinese interpreter by your side?

Good translation is a key factor in successful transactions

My firm has valued the translation services of Chin Communications over many years during which I’ve also observed the team in action interpreting at many high-level events. They have a deep understanding of Australian and Chinese circumstances and culture which is a huge bonus to a client.

As a lawyer with decades of corporate experience in China, I use interpreters and translators regularly. Good translation is a key factor in successful transactions.

Chin is widely regarded for the results they deliver for their clients – including my firm – whether written documents and contracts or interpreting for client negotiations and meetings. They help deliver excellent outcomes.

Robin Chambers, Chambers International Lawyers