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Business Interpreting

Seal the deal with business interpreting in Chinese | Interpreter Services Melbourne

Business Interpreting | Interpreter Services Melbourne | Naati Interpreter

Business itself is a language of expertise. We are well-positioned at the intersection of business and communication, setting the foundation for effective, eloquent, and transparent conversations. When both sides are well-represented to foster clear lines of discourse, agreements can be reached faster, and misunderstandings are minimal. That way, you can focus more on relationships rather than ramifications. Win win.

Chin Communications provides simultaneous and consecutive Chinese interpreting services in Melbourne for:

  • Business meetings
  • Diplomacy and bilateral meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Site visits and inspections
  • Delegation visits
  •  Appointments

Talk to us to tailor our Mandarin interpreting service for your business.

How can we help you?

Our business-savvy, multi-cultural team is here help you navigate through cross-border engagement with experience in many sectors:

Cultural context

We can advise you on etiquette, gestures, and arrangements to ensure smooth interactions

Visit management

We’ll manage the interpreting logistics and make sure your business meeting runs without obstacles

Business identity

We’ll help your business stand out with Chinese business cards; advising on favourable Chinese names and appropriate titles, document translation, and visual design

The extra mile

We’ll continue our service even after your meeting has ended, with follow-ups and advice

Let us help your business succeed.

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‘Chinese’ and ‘Mandarin’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but here’s a tip: Chinese covers both written and spoken languages, whereas Mandarin refers only to the spoken dialect. There are many dialects in China and two different writing systems. On that token, we provide Chinese translation (written) in Simplified and Traditional characters, and Chinese interpreting in Mandarin  as well as other Chinese dialects.

Charles brings a great deal of extra value to the table and understanding of the complex Australia-China milieu

“I am delighted to recommend the services of Charles Qin OAM as I’ve worked with Charles and his team for over a decade and Charles brings a great deal of extra value to the table and to the overall understanding of the complex Australia-China milieu.

Charles supported me and my team and the Trade Minister when I was a Senior Advisor, including through much of the Free Trade Agreement negotiations as our Mandarin Interpreter. I have also served with Charles for several years on the ACBC board and he is a passionate advocate for both Australia and China.

I’ve consulted Charles in relation to other work over the years too and his view is always worth seeking out. Not only do you get first class language support and that means you are in safe hands, but also insights behind-the-scenes, as well as cultural nuances, behaviour, and so on.

Our side gains respect due to his seniority and recognition and his deep understanding of both China and Australia is a rare and valuable skill to have in your team.”

Lyall Howard - General Manager, Government Relations - Australia Post

A true professional

"Charles is a true professional and gentleman. I have been telling all my friends that we had the privilege of working with Australia’s finest interpreter" and "He was brilliant from the start right through, he dealt with us with classic grace and style, professional to the last."

Cameron Hill and Gareth Simpson, Advisers to Trade Minister

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