Court Interpreting

Achieve better results with Chinese clients by having a Leading Mandarin Interpreter on your side


Court Interpreting

In the court room, Words Matter, in ANY Language!

  • 25 Years Court Room Experience
  • Trusted by 100s of Law Firms
  • Over 700 Successful Cases

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When your law firm is representing a Chinese client, increase your chances of winning the case, by having a world-class interpreter by your side.

Improve Your Chances to Win

Great law firms leave nothing to chance. They know the importance of dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘t’.

They know language and choice of words is critical and miscommunication can be costly to a case.

In foreign language cases firms must make two important decisions.

  • Who is our barrister?
  • Who is our interpreter?

The Role of the Interpreter

The fact is all interpreters are not made equal.  When it comes to interpreting it is very easy to mis-interpret and relying on the court interpreter is fraught with danger.

Good interpreters help:

  • Interpreting instructions from your client
  • Explain cultural issues that may impact the case
  • Helping build trust and understanding of the legal system with the client
  • Assist in witness preparation
  • Triage and translate important documents

Why Chin Communications?

With over two decades of experience, Chin is recognised as a leader in the field.

Our highly skilled team guarantees you will enter the court room with the confidence of knowing you have a world class interpreter by your side.

Whether you are dealing with a commercial case, a family matter, civil or criminal case, or you are assisting with a critical immigration hearing.

Securing a Chin interpreter increases your chances of success and eliminates the risk of costly errors.

Chin Communications provides certified Chinese court interpreting for:

  • Magistrates courts
  • County court
  • Supreme court
  • Federal court
  • Family court
  • High Court of Australia
  • Tribunals and commissions
  • Counsel meetings and client briefings

Secure Your Interpreter, call our team now on 1300 792 446

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Having a full team on your case means delays, changing dates, and adjournments are better managed

Quality control

Certified court interpreters with experience who will thoroughly prepare for your case

Legal translation

Legal Chinese document translation, from Chinese to English and vice versa, to help with consistent understanding and building your case

NAATI interpreting

Our interpreters are all certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)

Securing Your Interpreter is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1

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To tell us what support you need

Step 2

Our team will appoint the right interpreter for your case.

Step 3

Your interpreter will contact you and get to work on helping you win your case. Don’t let the other side book in YOUR preferred Mandarin Interpreter.

Let us help you win your case

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NOTE: ‘Chinese’ and ‘Mandarin’ are sometimes used interchangeably. Chinese covers both written and spoken languages, whereas Mandarin only refers to the spoken dialect. There are many dialects in China and two different writing systems. Chin provides Chinese translation (written) in Simplified and Traditional characters, and Chinese interpreting in Mandarin, as well as other Chinese dialects.

We recently won a multi-million dollar Supreme Court case in which Chin Communications was a critical partner

As a Chinese speaking lawyer, the importance of accurate translation support when there are Chinese parties involved in a case is non-negotiable. Having a great translator can make or break your case, literally. Chin Communications delivers great translations (written and spoken).

I’ve worked with the translators and interpreters at Chin for many years. If you have Chinese clients or parties, my strong advice is to get in touch with the Chin Communications team and get their translation support on your side.

Liming Huang, Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth

“We recently won a multi-million dollar Supreme Court case in which Chin Communications was a critical partner. Their translating and interpreting work not only helped build our arguments but in the court discovered critical pieces of evidence which bolstered our case. They also picked up court interpreting errors that could have changed the course of the case. Their consistent support with translation made the difference.”

Wade Guo, Yingde Investment

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