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Phone Interpreting

Phone Interpreting

The Chinese manufacturer appeared to be trying hard, but each set of goods was not to specification, the Australian buyer was getting frustrated and losing business to competitors … “I just can’t make them understand. They say ‘yes’ but they don’t get it.”

A common refrain – and one we can usually sort out once and for all with a short phone call:

  • Phone interpreting by appointment.
  • Phone interpreting on the spot or for emergencies.

Talk to one of our team of interpreters in our office and book a phone call to solve your problems. One of our professional Australian interpreters can even organise the call.

How to use the call most effectively:

  • Prepare your list of issues/problems and share with our telephone interpreter.
  • Use the opportunity to work through all your queries or problems in one go – there will never be a better time to ‘cut through’ with professional language help.
  • Build your relationship and trust by communicating effectively.

You will save a lot of time and money by sorting out the problems before they become intractable, or realise quickly that your China relationship is not going to work.

The cost and time investment to find a new supplier or partner is high, so it is better to attempt to sort out any problems first.

Users of telephone interpreting include:

  • Schools/universities needing to speak to parents.
  • Importers experiencing issues with quality, production or schedules.
  • Exporters wanting to discuss marketing or sales issues.
  • Executives wishing to sort out potential thorny relationship issues.
  • Regular touching base with Chinese partners.

Our interpreters are always available and will recommend a short briefing in advance so as to most efficiently use the phone call time strategically to help reach a solution. You can send on any document or information to help us to understand the background and we will advise on the best approach.

Calls are billed for a minimum fee for up to 60 minutes and then in 15 minute increments. Calls can be:

  • A three-way call remotely
  • At your office
  • At our office
  • Or we make the call on your behalf to find out the information you need to know

For clients who use this approach to keep in touch regularly, it helps greatly to use the same interpreter as there is no need to reinvent the wheel – we already know your story; the interpreter also builds a relationship with your Chinese partner, you keep well-informed and you get more done!

Other things you can try: WeChat communication is how Chinese prefer to communicate – you can use the translation tool to sort out minor problems. Put your queries in writing and send on WeChat/email – or get them translated first. (we can help)

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