Urgent Translation Service

In stressful times like coronavirus, fast and correct translations are vital - Chinese or other languages


Urgent Translation Service

Urgent Translation Services | Urgent Notice Translation

In times of stress like coronavirus, you are likely facing many obstacles. One of them will be communication with customers, clients, workforce, students, families and other stakeholders which is critical, not to mention translation in other languages and frequently changing information. We’re experiencing the same issues with our team, our work, and through our clients together with the need to consider those who do not communicate well in English yet are worried like the rest of us.

Whether you need interpreters to assist with understanding and stressful situations, press conferences, or telephone calls, or whether you have written communications to get out (in one or many languages), we have been working and can continue to work around the clock to help alleviate your concern and keep all relevant stakeholders informed.

We’ve been supporting the federal government, state governments, Chinese organisations, as well as schools, universities and businesses over this difficult period in particular. We thank our clients who have trusted Chin Communications with urgent translations related to Coronavirus.

You can contact any of our in-house team at any time on 1300 792 446. For after hours or weekend needs, please call 0439 910 980  or kate@chincommunications.com.au .

You will find our immediate response and attention to the changing situation and deadline one less headache to worry about.

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