Chinese Branding


Chinese Branding

Be yourself. Across languages, cultures, and mediums. Be true to your story, with nothing lost in translation

There are two sides to every story. Stories become a narrative; a narrative becomes identity; identity becomes trademark. We discovered this development as we progressed, since first establishing Chin Communications as a Chinese language translation company 25 years ago.

We discovered that the translation of words led to the understanding of concepts, objectives, strategies, and frameworks to achieve impact. We observed the detrimental outcomes of not protecting your brand through correct translations.

How you articulate your words in one language informs your story in another, and that’s where we come in.

We connect your brand with your target people.

In Australia, in China and surrounds, verbally and visually, across languages and mediums; we use the power of intelligent branding to engage your audience and tell your story in the right language.

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Tell both sides of your story in one, clear voice.

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