Chinese Translator for WeChat


Chinese Translator for WeChat

Chinese Translator for WeChat – WeChat Marketing

Wechat is an entire ecosystem for its now 1 billion users – no less in Australia which has, by some accounts, close to 2 million active users. If you are targeting China, Chinese consumers, or developing relationships with Chinese, you just have to be on WeChat.

So the first thing to understand is it is a Chinese Language  system and if you want to reach an audience your communications have to be in Chinese.

Here are some helpful pointers for finding a Chinese translator for wechat

  1. Purpose – are you simply wanting to make friends – in which case use the in-built translation. Or are you in a legal dispute where your messages need to be legally translated and certified for a court? Or are you developing marketing messages which have to be translated in Chinese – for such situations you need to find a qualified and experienced Chinese translator to help.
  2. Location – a Chinese Translator in the United States or even in China may not have the local knowledge of your Australian product or service, or be available to meet and talk with you about what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Experience – you want to know that whoever you choose has a good track record backed up by qualifications – you should select a translator with demonstrated translation experience and marketing capabilities (or legal if that is the case).
  4. Scale – a single freelancer might be here today and gone tomorrow. If, like many of our clients, you are starting a China journey, it is of huge value to find a Chinese translator service that you can build a partnership with, to understand your aims, your language, and to be around whenever you need them.
  5. Other services – You may need other services, such as China marketing or a Chinese name,  so choose a translation company with a range of services who will  build up holistic understanding for you and grow with you.
  6. Marketing support – WeChat needs a strategy and a campaign developed in order to maximise the value; there may be other off-line or website processes to consider; and how to get your products and services into the market and meet Chinese laws and standards
  7. Budget – a one-off message is obviously inexpensive, but a legal case or a marketing campaign requires ongoing support and sometimes significant budgets.

Questions you can ask to help find a Chinese translator for wechat:

Can you help me set up the right Wechat account?

For a legal case can you provide Mandarin Interpreting for the court case and can you certify your Wechat translations?

Do you have references you can provide for your work?

Can you advise me about Wechat marketing?

Can you do graphic design and Chinese translations for China?

How much budget do I need to start my Wechat marketing?

We hope that helps you choose a good WeChat translator and if you have other questions about WeChat or a Chinese translator, we’d be happy to help.


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