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A search in google will deliver thousands and thousands of interpreters and not just Mandarin interpreters and many won’t even be in Melbourne, so how to find a good one?

  1. Location – a Mandarin Interpreter in the United States or even in China might be able to talk on Skype but won’t be able to turn up to your local meeting and won’t have the local knowledge of your Australian situation; choose someone you can at least meet up with – a Mandarin interpreter in Melbourne.
  2. Experience – you want to know that whoever you choose has a good track record backed up by industry qualifications – interpreters study master degrees these days, so they know their craft and you should select one with plenty of demonstrated interpreting experience. A recent graduate or unqualified person could be a risky proposition.
  3. Scale – a single freelancer might be here today and gone tomorrow. If it is a one-off meeting or court appearance, that is fine; but if, like many of our clients, you are starting a China journey, it is of inestimable value to find a Chinese interpreter service that you can build a partnership with, to understand your aims, your language, and to be around whenever you need them.
  4. Other services – You may need other services, such as Chinese translation or a Chinese name – a single freelancer won’t be able to deliver such a range of services, so choose an interpreting company with a range of other services
  5. Understanding – can you understand and be understood – can you speak to the interpreter about your needs? An online request and lack of human interaction leaves too many questions about who you are dealing with and their capabilities.
  6. Confidentiality – can your interpreter sign a confidentiality agreement and do they have relevant insurances in case of an error that loses the case for you.
  7. NAATI qualifications – that is the standard in Australia, without which your work may not be legally accepted.
  8. Work in China – if you are travelling to China you’ll need to take an interpreter with you or hire one locally – choose a service that can help you in other locations.


Questions you can ask to help you find a Mandarin interpreter

How much experience do you have as a Mandarin interpreter?

Can you interpret for a conference (on your subject)?

Do you have references you can provide for your Mandarin interpreting work?

Can you do court interpreting?

Do you have NAATI qualifications?

Are your services confidential?

Can you travel to other locations to do interpreting?

We hope that helps you narrow your search, and if you have other questions about a Mandarin Interpreter, we’d be happy to help, and we are in Melbourne CBD!


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