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Leading universities and schools trust us for their education translations for international and domestic students

Reaching countries and regions to attract international students

Our client portfolio is diverse and we are proud to support some of the most renowned brands in the world in their global operations.


The importance of translations in attracting international students

During Covid, international student numbers dropped and competition with other countries increased. Yet with almost 600,000 international students studying Australian courses, Australia’s reputation for quality and safety makes it easy for families to choose us. You just have to find them, and this is why it is vital to speak to families in their mother tongue on their preferred platforms.

Parents will peruse a great deal of content and talk to friends as well as study social media to decide on a school or university for their children. The power of social media apps like WeChat where you can publicise activities, results and subject choices should not be underestimated.

Popular source countries and regions include China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and parts of South America. If your important information is not translated, you won’t be found.

We can translate any document — written, video, audio - any language


Legal documents, academic programs, school reports, white papers, research


Partnerships, academic programs, service contracts, exchange programs


Training materials, subjects & results updates, informative presentations


Meetings, exchange programs, seminars, conferences, training


Training, animated videos, event overviews, voiceovers, subtitles, e-learning


Brochures, flyers, reports, advertisements, online marketing, social media

Reaching students through WeChat and other platforms

For 30 years, we have served many of Australia’s universities and leading private schools with translation and interpreting services. Much of the work has been to attract international students.

Many Languages and Many Translation Areas
We also support universities and schools with translation and interpreting services for student welfare, offshore programs, partnership agreements, visiting delegations, research and commercialisation, graduations, and even investigations.

Supporting the Education of Translators and Interpreters
A ten-year scholarship with Monash University has seen dozens of master degree students in translation and interpreting benefit from financial support and work experience with us, fostering an outstanding new generation of translators.

We need your artwork in InDesign or Canva or similar publishing program – if that is what you used to create the English version. We’d like to see the content – a PDF would be best and to understand the languages/regions and purpose of the content.

Firstly written languages. For China, you need Simplified Chinese. For Taiwan and Hong Kong you need Traditional Chinese. It is helpful to know which market you are communicating with as vocabulary will differ too.  For spoken languages, for China and Taiwan, Mandarin; for Hong Kong Cantonese.

Yes.  Get in touch with our interpreting team now on 1300 792 446 and advise of the language required, when and where (or online) the meeting is occurring and the purpose and attendees,


What makes us different

Aussie experience

Be confident with our local team of certified translators experienced in Australia’s education systems and language.

Urgency solved

You’re up against the clock; we’re ready for the challenge and we always deliver.

Layout and design

Complimentary advice, support with layouts and fonts – perfect final product.

Copy changes

Urgent updates can be capably managed by our in-house team and your deadline met.


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