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Our language solutions have earned the trust of Australian Capital Territory and Federal departments looking for confidential and timely translations

Supporting governments and agencies in the ACT

We are a trusted support to federal and territory government departments requiring confidential and urgent translation and interpreting work.


Translation services for Canberra organisations

Not just governments. Our language team supports businesses and other organisations in Canberra whether for written translation services or spoken interpreting engagements. For more than 30 years, we have provided translation, interpreting, and Chinese marketing solutions that have helped ACT government departments, federal departments and ministers, and organisations unlock new opportunities with non-English speaking markets.

Our team of qualified professionals is trained to handle all your translation, interpreting, and Chinese marketing needs. Confidential legal and financial documents, even Chinese online advertising are safely handled by our in-house team. You can be confident in communicating with people from different languages and cultural backgrounds.

With our help, you can break down language barriers and take your business into new markets.

Contact us today to find out how we can help solve your foreign language needs, whether translation, interpreting or marketing.

We can translate any document — written, video, audio - any language


Legal documents, academic programs, government reports, white papers


Sales, employment, lease agreements, NDAs, service contracts, MOUs, FTAs


Training, status updates, informative presentations, delegation materials, ppts


Bilateral/diplomatic engagements, overseas missions, conferences


Training, animated videos, event overviews, voiceovers, subtitles


Brochures, flyers, reports, advertisements, online marketing, social media

Urgency meets excellence; the experts in languages

We know that the need for translation, interpreting or Chinese marketing services can arise unexpectedly. That’s why our team of translators, interpreters, and marketing experts are under one roof and working collaboratively to assist you whether you need legal translations with a tight deadline, interpreting for an inbound delegation visit or an instant advertising campaign. Our in-house team is ready to act and welcomes your call or email.

Always Available, 24/7
Our in-house team is committed to delivering fast and professional translation, interpreting, and Chinese advertising services. We are available around the clock, and always ready; whether you prefer to talk to us on the phone, online, or in person, we’ll make sure to meet your deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – both interpreters and translators. Let us know what you need and when and we can translate and stamp and certify our translations by our NAATI-Certified Translators.

Relying on a professional company to manage your interpreting needs and to personally select a qualified interpreter is a safe option.  Our interpreters are all certified and adhere to a strict code of ethics for interpreting. They are all in Australia too. Using an online service or app could mean your interpreter is anywhere in the world and may be qualified but also your private information may not be safe.

Yes – all of the Adobe suite.  As a first step, please send us your packaged artwork.


What makes CHIN different

Australian experience

Be confident with a local team of translators, interpreters, and marketing experts experienced in Australia’s culture, systems and language.


Copywriting of attractive wording for your website, brochures together with social media management.


You’re up against the clock; we’re ready for the challenge and can take your call at any time.


To sort out a problem or close a deal you’ll save time and money by engaging a professional interpreter.


Got a question? We’d love to hear from you


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