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When the Chinese President came to town, the Tasmanian Government turned to Australia's leading Chinese translation service.

30 years working with big and small clients in Tasmania

We have been a trusted partner to the Tasmanian government and businesses seeking to communicate effectively and reach their non-English speaking audience.


Translation services for Tasmanian businesses and organisations

Presidents don’t visit often, and there are no second chances. For more than 30 years, our translation, interpreting, and Chinese marketing solutions have helped Tasmanian governments, businesses and organisations unlock new business opportunities with Chinese and other international markets.

Experience counts in the language services industry, and our highly qualified team is trained to handle all of your translation, interpreting, and Chinese marketing needs.  As well as presidential visits, we can assist you with legal or marketing documents, web content, interpreting for delegations and Chinese marketing and advertising.

We understand that effective communication is critical for business success. You can be confident that we will deliver accurate and professional content for your target audience.

Contact us today to see how our translation, interpreting or Chinese marketing services can help you achieve your goals.

We can translate any document — written, video, audio - any language


Legal documents, academic programs, government reports, white papers


Sales, employment, lease agreements, NDAs, service contracts, MOUs, offtake


Training, status updates, informative presentations, delegation materials, ppts


Bilateral/diplomatic engagements, overseas missions, conferences


Training, animated videos, event overviews, voiceovers, subtitles


Brochures, flyers, reports, advertisements, online marketing, social media

Urgency meets excellence; the experts in languages

Clients often get stuck with last minute requests for foreign language translations. We are used to it and can spring into action. First of all we like to know what the requirements are and, of course, the deadline and you can leave the rest to our team of experts.

Always Available, 24/7
Whether it is a multilingual campaign for the local community, a visiting delegation or even a last-minute Chinese advertising campaign, we are lucky with our in-house teams of translation and marketing experts. Talk to us on the phone, or email us now and you will get a fast reply and solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are interpreters in Tasmania available for some languages. For an important activity (such as the Chinese President’s visit), Mandarin interpreters with senior experience have to fly down. It depends what you need the interpreter for and the language. Contact us and we can advise.

Yes. If you are using InDesign or any design program, please forward us your artwork so we can both translate and lay out your content appropriately with suitable fonts and translation layout checks.

Yes, we are familiar with many different online platforms and options. Depending on the nature of the activity and the attendees, we can arrange simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.  It is a good idea to have a rehearsal or practice on the platform in advance of your activity and to make sure technical support is available.


What makes us different

Australian experience

Be confident with a local team of translators, interpreters, and marketing experts experienced in Australia’s culture, systems and language.


Copywriting of attractive wording for your website, brochures together with social media management.


You’re up against the clock; we’re ready for the challenge and can take your call at any time.


To sort out a problem or close a deal you’ll save time and money by engaging a professional interpreter.


Got a question? We’d love to hear from you


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