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Interpreting Services

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A glance is worth a thousand words. As is a smile, a pause, a gesture. A good interpreter uses all their senses to translate the subtlest of expressions because sometimes silence speaks volumes

Communication is about making human connections – it’s a special skill to be able to accurately steer a narrative across languages and cultures, without losing sight of context, consistency, and purpose. Twenty-six years after we first established Chin Communications as a leader in Chinese translation and Mandarin interpreting, we continue to finely tune our senses. Today, we are more aware and relevant than ever.

We help businesses, governments, and organisations effectively communicate through our Chinese interpreting services Melbourne, Australia and China:

Conference interpreting
Business interpreting
Delegation interpreting
Court interpreting

What we do

Consecutive interpreting
This is the most basic form of interpreting. In it, the speaker and interpreter take turns to speak; first in the source language by the speaker, then interpreted into the target language by the interpreter.

Used for:

  • meetings
  • training
  • discussions
  • negotiations
  • site visits
  • speeches and presentations
  • tours
  • legal proceedings

Simultaneous interpreting
This is the model used in the United Nations, and specialised equipment and highly trained interpreters are required. As the name suggests, this form of interpreting is done simultaneously, in which speaking and interpreting occur in real time with no delay.

Used for:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • bilateral meetings
  • training
  • presentations

Let us make you be heard.

Our team can advise on the best interpreting mode, facility set-up, and the most effective process for impact.

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