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Successful organisers know how important it is to find the right conference interpreters for their events. They never leave anything to chance and make sure that the Chinese interpreters they work with are not only certified, but tried and tested in this most demanding form of interpreting.

Think about it. Conference or Simultaneous interpreters have to listen through headphones at speech while at the same time converting it accurately and fluently into another language. An inexperienced or untrained interpreter can suddenly transform your speech into a wall of silence.

NAATI Certified Interpreters
We are proud to be the only company in Australia with a NAATI Level 5 Mandarin conference interpreter on staff. He has worked with world leaders and at global events for decades. This in-house capability shows how much emphasis we place on quality, and our ongoing interpreter training ensures we always give our clients the best outcome.

Our NAATI Level 5 Interpreting Makes CHIN a Leader
NAATI Level 5 is the pinnacle of excellence, so look no further for your interpreting solution. Our project team is ready to get behind you to provide the optimum interpreting experience. Relax; you know it will be a smooth event with us on your team.

If you have a conference or high-level event coming up, get in touch with our interpreting team. We can guide you every step of the way.

Multilingual events need conference interpreters

Simultaneous interpreting is considered the highest level of the profession, requiring language fluency, rapid translation, and endurance. It is valued by clients who can run their meetings in real-time without interruption.

How Does It Work?
Specialised equipment is needed, such as soundproof booths and technology to take the audio to the interpreters and relay their interpretation to the audience through headphones or mobile phones. An interpreting team has to be well prepared and skilled to interpret as well as use the equipment. A technician is always onsite.

Simultaneous Interpreters That Seem Too Good to Be True
As with all aspects of business, AI technology is progressing in language translation. We monitor these developments and caution clients to use them with care.

At a recent event, organisers used AI technology to provide simultaneous interpreting. Despite the initial excitement, the “cutting-edge” technology couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of the speeches and accents and ended up providing inaccurate and, at times, comically wrong translations.

We caution organisers to be careful when choosing their Chinese conference interpreters. It is not only your budget on the line, but the risk of critical errors and embarrassment can severely impact your reputation and ongoing business.

When organising events that attract international guests or attendees who may not be proficient in English, Chinese conference interpreting services can be your only solution. This involves providing attendees with headsets and receivers to listen to a live interpreting feed of what is being presented on stage. Chinese conference interpreting services is particularly useful for global summits, events, conferences, and symposiums. It is important to note that you will need at least two interpreters and conference interpreting booths to provide this type of interpreting to attendees.

Chinese conference interpreters need materials to prepare for an event. This is a crucial aspect of conference interpreting as it enables them to create glossaries that they can share and use with the other interpreter. This ensures smooth interpreting on the day with consistent use of terms. It is necessary for you to provide agendas, running sheets, presentations, and speeches. All of this is covered under our confidentiality agreements and terms and conditions. That is why it is essential that you carefully select the right Chinese conference interpreting service provider for your event.

It is important for us to know where attendees are from that we can advise you on whether you need Mandarin or Cantonese conference interpreters or both. Our Chinese interpreting services are based locally in Australia and are familiar with the Australian way of speaking and accents. We recommend that you request CVs to ensure that the Chinese conference interpreters have suitable experience and are capable of conference interpreting.

There are two methods of simultaneous interpretation. The first is Chinese conference interpreting, which includes at least two interpreters, a soundproof booth, microphones, headsets, and an audio stream for those who want to hear live speeches. The second method is known as chuchotage or whisper interpreting. In this mode, the Chinese conference interpreter stands by you, near enough to your ear, to provide a live interpretation. Chuchotage is ideal for site visits or when one or two visitors at your event need interpreting.

It is essential to provide Chinese conference interpreters with preparatory materials such as the event agenda, speaker presentations, and industry-specific documents. These resources help them to understand the subject matter, become familiar with key terminology, and produce accurate interpreting. While finding Chinese conference interpreters with direct industry expertise may be difficult, our team’s diverse experience in translation projects equips them with a broad vocabulary and understanding of industry contexts.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

Effective communication is key, especially at events where a Mandarin interpreter is relied on. That’s why we offer a team of experienced and NAATI-certified conference interpreters to ensure clear and accurate Chinese interpreting. We are here to assist you, no matter the type of interpreting you need. Regular examples of our work include:

  • Interpreter for your roundtable or symposium,
  • Mandarin interpreter for government bilateral meetings, or
  • Team of simultaneous interpreters for your online conference.

Talk to our friendly Australian-based Mandarin Interpreters and provide them with the details, date, time, location and purpose for your event. We’ll do the rest. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you deliver a high-level engagement using interpreters.

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