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WeChat has transformed how Chinese audiences engage with brands in Australia. Supercharge your connection and find more Chinese customers.

Crafting effective strategies for WeChat marketing

Backed by a commitment to excellence, we offer the most tailored Chinese WeChat marketing services in Australia, meeting your sales goals as well as winning over your Chinese audience.


Get your content in front of Chinese customers

With millions of Chinese-Australians users on WeChat and more arriving every day, whether students or tourists, the potential to reach and impress Chinese customers is huge. Our team of Chinese marketing experts is ready to work with you to understand your business needs and bring in the results on WeChat.

A paid article placement gives a jump start to your brand by putting carefully crafted content onto influential accounts or sites where your desired audience is known to be. Your content is strategically written and carefully placed to appeal to this target Chinese audience.

We take care of everything, from selecting the best accounts, for example WeChat Key Opinion Leaders – influencers, to negotiating the best packages to fit your budget. Whether your aims are best served by WeChat Moments, WeChat Banners, short or long-form blogs on WeChat Subscription Accounts, or WeChat Groups, we have you covered.

Trust Us to Deliver Results Fast
Our Chinese experts are available 24/7 to work alongside your team and help you achieve your goals. From Chinese marketing to management and creative support; you’re in safe hands. We understand the importance of your time and promise to respond promptly to your needs, whether by phone, online or in person

We Are a Team Proudly Based in Australia
Our Chinese marketing experts, copywriters, graphic designers and project managers are based in Australia and have been since 1992. Get the Chinese marketing support that brands know and trust.

Marketing with WeChat paid placements

If you’re looking to expand into the local Chinese market on WeChat, creating content that resonates with Chinese culture and values is critical for building trust. Engaging a Chinese marketing partner not only takes the hard work away, but you can rest assured that you will avoid any cultural missteps that can damage your brand’s reputation. We provide Chinese copywriting, creative design, WeChat KOLs, and tailored packages. Our Chinese marketing team will also advise on the best direction for your Chinese marketing project, helping you control your campaign and avoiding any PR risks.

Key Elements to Understand When Using WeChat to Sell

  • WeChat KOL: influential users and accounts on WeChat have large followings and are considered experts in a particular field.
  • Long-form Content: in-depth blogs, typically around 800 Chinese characters, are used for paid placements on a WeChat Media Influencer Account and will attract between 5,000 and 50,000 views depending on the subject and accounts chosen.
  • Your Chinese Website:  Your WeChat account can be set up to function like a website where Chinese people prefer to go and with regular updates in the form of blogs.
  • WeChat Banners: advertisements used for broad impressions that appear at the top or middle of an article.
  • WeChat Moments: for sharing posts with friends and followers, similar to Facebook’s newsfeed and Instagram’s feed.
  • WeChat Groups: chat rooms within WeChat for real-time communications on specific topics, with a limited audience of 500 users, which will be mostly your desired audience – if the right groups are selected.

If you set up your own WeChat account, that is normally a personal account that you use to chat to others. A subscription account or a service/official account is equivalent to a Facebook Page where you can publish information to your followers. Subscription accounts are commonly used by media or influencers, whereas service accounts are used by businesses. At this stage, Australian companies can only register for service accounts. The benefit is that your message or blog will pop up in the same way as a friend’s chat so your followers won’t miss a message, but the limitation is that it only allows 4 blogs (each blog can include up to 8 articles) per month. 

Based on your target audience demographics, campaign timing and budget, we will list out 1 to 5 suitable media accounts/influencers, and go through them with you to decide on the best ones to work with. We will share media accounts/influencers profiles, fees and estimated impressions, so you know what to expect when the content is posted.

In most cases, we will combine several different methods to maximise the campaign reach and results. Based on your campaign brief, we will work out a media schedule that best suits your needs, and design visual materials that appeal to different channels. The rough budget for a successful Moon Festival campaign will be $8,000~$30,000.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

We believe that Chinese paid-media advertising must be tailor-made to your needs. That is why many clients have switched to us because we understand that every campaign is unique. Whether you need to:

  • Promote your event in a WeChat blog with Paid Placements,
  • Increase Chinese customer sales by using WeChat Chinese influencer marketing, or
  • Inform about an offer such as Chinese New Year on WeChat.

That’s why we focus on understanding your goals and what you want to achieve. It’s important to know your timeline, who your audience is and whether they prefer to read Simplified or Traditional Chinese and if it’s for Australian Chinese, Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Our Chinese marketing experts will consider all of this before starting your work.

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

First, talk to our local Australian team on 1300 792 446.

Step 2

Send us your brief, and what you aim to achieve and we'll prepare a proposal.

Step 3

We'll keep in touch with you throughout the project and deliver according to your timeline.


Allow our Chinese experts to assist you

With over three decades of experience, we’re the Chinese marketing partner you can count on. Our Chinese marketing experts have all of the know-how, enthusiasm and a great track record connecting businesses with their Chinese audience.


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