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Whether you need a multicultural marketing campaign managed or want to adapt your existing marketing for an ethnic Australian audience, we are here to help you diversify and grow.

Adapting marketing strategies for multicultural audiences

Providing the best and most comprehensive multicultural marketing services in Australia, delivering tailor-made solutions to all our clients.


What is multicultural campaign management, and is it important for growing my Australian audience?

Multicultural campaign management involves strategies ranging from media buying and in-app advertising to engaging audiences on popular social media channels such as: 

  • Facebook, 
  • Instagram, 
  • LinkedIn, 
  • RED, 
  • WeChat, 
  • Line and, 
  • Google.

To successfully grow your multicultural Australian customer base, it’s important to establish genuine connections in your multicultural marketing campaign. Creative translation services play a pivotal role. Ensuring that the content isn’t just translated but carefully crafted to resonate with your ethnic audience. By closely monitoring user interactions like impressions, clicks, leads generated, and conversion triggers, we will help you to fine-tune your multicultural marketing approach for success. 

What types of organisations and brands benefit from having an agency manage their multicultural marketing campaigns?

In Australia, where more than half of the population was born overseas or has a parent who was, there is a vast marketing opportunity to grow your sales within Australia’s multicultural population. Different industries and organisations can tap into and capture this group: Government agencies can communicate initiatives such as the Voice referendum or the Victoria Level Crossing Project more effectively. The financial sector can increase its customer base whilst improving customer experience by connecting services with cultural customs and festivals. Influencer strategies can help health and beauty brands grow their presence in ethnic communities, while the retail sector, from fashion to electronics, can increase sales by capitalising on cultural events such as: 

  • Singles Day, 
  • Diwali, 
  • Chinese New Year, as well as 
  • Australian sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy, EOFYS, and end-of-season sales.

How can a multicultural campaign management service help me?

The initial challenge many face is determining where to start. Which multicultural audience should be at the top of the list? And who to engage to translate: a freelancer, a language service provider, or a full-service multicultural marketing agency? Translation isn’t just about words; it’s about capturing the essence, tone, and compelling nature of the original English content and making it relevant to that specific audience.

Looking beyond the translation, there are key decisions we help around design. Such as:

  • Which fonts to use? 
  • Languages like Arabic or Hebrew are written from right to left. What impact does that have on your design? 
  • What about colours and images? 

These are all very important questions that aren’t simply Googleable, and if they are, it is difficult to rely on a quick search for a marketing campaign that can cost thousands of dollars.  

This is where a partnership with a multicultural marketing agency becomes invaluable. You need an agency that offers a consultative approach to assist you with translations, cultural insights, and marketing channels. A partner to ensure that your message is linguistically accurate, culturally appropriate, and will positively reach your target audience.

A trusted multicultural marketing partner is indispensable if you want to authentically connect with Australia’s multicultural audience.

What does the multicultural campaign management service look like?

Navigating the complex multicultural marketing landscape can be challenging, which is why we’ve simplified the process.

Step 1: Consultation 
We begin by listening and finding out your goals; learning about the channels you want to focus on, whether they are social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Line, and WeChat. We will ensure that the campaign focuses where your target multicultural audience is most active.

Step 2: Campaign development
We go further into knowing your target audience using any existing marketing insights. If you’ve developed personas, we refine and adapt them for a multicultural audience. If not, we assist in building these personas from the ground up.

Step 3: Creative assets
We assess your existing creative assets, such as banners, GIFs, or JPEGs, determining their cultural appropriateness or identifying necessary changes.

Step 4: Translation
We analyse the suitability of your English copy for translation. Our transcreation services ensure that your content is not only translated but also emotionally resonates with your target multicultural audience.

Step 5: Assessment and feedback
Once the content is transcreated, we perform back translation, translating it back into English to guarantee that the original message remains intact. This step is crucial for certain organisations, especially for content that requires legal approval.

Step 6: Community checking
To ensure authenticity, we engage in community checking, where members of the target community review the content. This step ensures that key messaging genuinely impacts, adding depth and authenticity to your campaign.

Step 7: Campaign management
After all the elements of the multicultural campaign have been fine-tuned, we launch and publish, continuously monitoring user interactions and optimising based on performance indicators.

If you’re aiming to deeply engage with Australia’s multicultural audience, our campaign management service is your ideal choice.

It is about taking your English marketing campaigns and adapting them to the languages used by your target audience. It is more than translation; it is applying cultural nuance, relevance and sensitivity to your marketing campaigns to increase your market presence and audience engagement.

Know the audience that you are targetting and the most effective marketing channels to communicate to them. It is also critical to comprehend the translated message. Translations back to English can help in this area, but it’s vital to remember that “Back Translation” is primarily used for consistency, especially when your campaign is across multiple languages.

It will be reassuring to your internal marketing team to collaborate with CHIN. This ensures that the most appropriate methods for tracking campaign performance are used. For example, use a specific URL to measure web traffic produced by an ad. A QR code or discount code can help retailers track sales. This collaboration ensures that the appropriate performance metrics are in place to measure the success of your multicultural marketing campaign.


With over 30 years of experience you know you’re in safe hands

We believe that multicultural marketing solutions should be tailor-made to address your needs. Because every multicultural marketing campaign is different. Whether you need to:

  • Promote your live event on various multicultural marketing channels,
  • Increase your product sales through social media, or
  • Inform your investors about your opportunity via WeChat.

That’s why we focus on understanding your goals and what you want to achieve. It’s important to know the specific audience you’re writing for, when your deadline is, and whether you need a particular dialect or regional variation. Our multicultural marketing experts will consider all of this before starting the work.

Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Step 2

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Step 3

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