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    Clear Communication in Foreign Languages

Success in Export and International Trade Relies on
Clear Communication in Foreign Languages

When looking for other language translators, don't look elsewhere;
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Other Language Translators

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Vietnamese Translation Services | Japanese Translation Services | Korean Translation Services, and many more; translation into English, and Back translations

Call our language translation team now on 1300 792 446 to discuss your languages (or email info@chincommunications.com.au)

Success in export and international trade relies on clear communication in foreign languages. Whether you are working in one market or many, it is convenient and smooth to liaise with one Australian translation service.

Our professional language translators deliver accurate and fast solutions. Working in up to 80 languages, Chin can get your message across and protect your interests. Whether you need translation into English, multi-languages or a regional language variant, our offering includes:

Chinese Portuguese
Japanese Spanish
Korean German
Malay Polish
Vietnamese French
Thai Russian
Indonesian African languages
Arabic Italian
Hindi Czech
Farsi Italian
Khmer Danish
Nepali Hebrew


Clients frequently request professional Japanese translation services, Korean translation services, French to English translation services, Spanish translation services, as well as multilingual translation services.

Ask us whether you need NAATI certified translations.

Translation services near me

Official translation is important for government and legal work in Australia. Our locally based NAATI Translators are always available including for urgent turnarounds. If you have an urgent deadline, call our express service on 1300 792 446. You can also visit our office at Level 4, 221 Queen Street, Melbourne.

Reaching migrants is recommended for marketing and information purposes. These groups prefer to communicate in their own language, so whether you need to convey official information or sell goods and services to them, a smart move is to translate into their preferred language.

Translation formats

Foreign languages can fit any layout you require including: PDF, subtitles and video, InDesign and Adobe suite, powerpoint, website, labelling and packaging, social media, and contracts.

Back translations

Frequently requested, back translations are required for health and clinical trial translations but also for export packaging and labelling.

High risk information benefits from a comprehensive back translation process.

How it works:

  • A completed language translation is translated back to English independently by a NAATI translator
  • You can then assess the accuracy of the translation yourself if you prefer
  • Our translators then adjust and finalise the foreign language translation.

This extra quality assurance step may be important for you so please discuss with any of our translation team.

For 30 years we’ve been trusted for professional translation services.

Call us now on 1300 792 446 or email: info@chincommunications.com.au

Five star experience. Five Star result!

The team at Chin Communications have meet and exceeded their required service expectations with a high degree of diligence, professionalism, punctuality and courtesy. Their guidance in setting realistic service-delivery expectations during the quotation process has enabled me to advise my clients accordingly—enabling realistic and achievable deadlines—and highlighting well-rounded and professional service delivery. Thank you and well done.

Paul Gunning, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science