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Partner with our cultural experts to avoid any fatal missteps and ensure success in entering the Chinese market.

Unlock the potential of China's thriving online retail market

Our client portfolio is diverse and we are proud to support some of the most renowned brands in the world in their global operations.

Maximise your sales and attract Chinese shoppers

In the Chinese space, in particular, the retail experience reaches its zenith online and with e-commerce. Shoppers may visit your physical store, but more likely, they will research and purchase online and only after thoroughly looking at your offering plus competitors, reviews and options – likely on Chinese social media and with influencers pushing content their way.

Peak Hour for Festival Shopping
Chinese festivals can be perfect times to offer specials and grow your sales jn Australia and China. Chinese New Year and Chinese Moon Festival are well known, but even something broader like International Women’s Day or Christmas will find enthusiastic Chinese shoppers looking for offers and gifts.

Don’t Breach the Platform Rules
You have to be careful with content not to breach any of the strict publishing guidelines on these platforms and get yourself banned. For example in China, females have been banned from modelling lingerie online; to counter that, males started modelling. It is a work in progress. It also highlights the speed at which things change in the Chinese world and how a creative solution can always be found. Retail offerings include tourism and hospitality, and the same advice applies. For restaurants, both in-house dining and deliveries need to be available.

The Chinese market is extremely sensitive, and you need to take care not to offend in culture or language. There are many cases of well-known brands that got trashed when they failed to respect Chinese culture.

We can translate any document — written, video, audio - any language


Legal documents, style guides, government reports, white papers


Sales, employment, leases, NDAs, service contracts, MOUs, partnerships


Training, powerpoints, investment presentations, delegation materials


Meetings, negotiations, events, conferences, delegations


Training, animated videos, event overviews, voiceovers, subtitles


Brochures, flyers, labels, advertisements, online marketing, social media

Language and marketing experts to boost your online business

For many years we have supported businesses to get online and target their communities in languages. Even with a small budget you can achieve a lot. Because we have translation and marketing experts under the one roof, we can advise on getting the best value for your spend; also on the ideal timing and platform.

There is no point in wasting money on the wrong content or poor translations or putting it in the wrong place – all of this needs to be discussed and considered, and that is our promise to our clients.

Marketing and Language Experts Ready to Help
Our teams are all in-house, so you can harness maximum value and ideas, combining the right words and the right channels. It’s a perfect combination of language expertise with smart marketing thinking.

Or if you want to run something past us before publishing to make sure you aren’t going to become an internet ‘hit’ for the wrong reasons, we are always happy to consult.

There is no specific budget range for Chinese marketing, as our team can always work out a plan to suit your budget – including limited ones. Because Chinese New  Year is the most popular festival there is a lot of competition for Chinese eyeballs so costs are higher. You might be better to start with a less well-known event even like International Women’s Day – women are dominant on e-commerce platforms.

No. This is not recommended. The quality and accuracy is still poor and you can’t control the messaging and style. You would be better not to have any translation at all. Furthermore in China there are strict enforceable rules about wording in advertising and there have been cases of Australian businesses being fined for breaches.

Yes. We have experience translating and typesetting product labels in many languages.  Many of our clients – especially in food and beverage exports – rely on our certified back translations of their labels to ensure compliance and avoid expensive rejections.


What makes us different


Our local team of certified translators are all well travelled and understand Australia.


Be confident that your translations are both creative and certified.

Layout and

Complimentary advice, support with layouts and fonts – many languages – perfect result.


You’re up against the clock; we’re ready for the challenge and we always deliver.


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