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    We Will Guide You to the Best Outcome

Whatever Your Chinese Translation Needs Are,
We Will Guide You to the Best Outcome

You can trust us to provide culturally considered, end-user focused
English to Chinese translations


English to Chinese Translation

If you’re looking to translate from English to Chinese, join the Winning team

Whatever your translation need, we can guide you to the best outcome:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Australia’s leading Chinese translation service
  • Trusted by government & business

Succeeding in the Chinese arena can be a game changer for many businesses, the challenge is how to translate what you do into Chinese.

The most common mistake western companies make is thinking the success they enjoy locally will automatically translate to Chinese, but it seldom does.

Culturally appropriate Chinese Translation

For those who realise the importance of Chinese translation, they often think a literal translation is what they need. However direct translations could, in fact, be damaging. Messages need to be considered and tailored – in suitable language.  Accurate yes, but also culturally appropriate. That is something we can help you do.

Your ambitions understood, your audience valued, soon you’ll be securing sales. It just takes a phone call on 1300 792 446 to our Chinese translators to set the right course

Don’t let blind Chinese translations cruel your ambitions

Chin has successfully helped clients:

The Chinese market is huge whether you are looking to mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or tackling the significant Chinese audience at home. They all have subtle but important differences in language; producing appropriate translations will help you convert.

You no longer need to worry:

  • Will they ‘get’ what I’m trying to say?
  • Will the end product be culturally appropriate and not cause offence?
  • Will what I’m offering appeal to the audience?
  • Will the translation be correct and not put me and my business at risk?

We have a simple process to deliver translations that convert for you:

  1. Contact one of our team today: 1300 792 446
  2. Understand your purpose and story
  3. Translate content that will be well received
  4. Open up new opportunities on your path to Chinese success

With 30 years in business helping our clients succeed in the Chinese domain, we are recognised as an industry leader. Our experienced team is at your disposal, Chin Communications can help with FULL translation services and more:

5 critical steps to success Chin can help you conquer:

  1. Develop the right Chinese marketing strategy
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Protect your Chinese brand and business
  4. Tailor appropriate translations
  5. Set up on the right Chinese marketing channels

Perhaps you also need guidance with Chinese copywriting or Chinese marketing – are they going to hit the mark? The wrong words or images could derail your plans permanently.

Call our in-house team of translators, marketers and graphic designers on 1300 792 446 now.


If you want great communication, get them in your corner

“Over the last decade, I have been greatly assisted by the team at Chin Communications in our engagement with China. Our education program was singled out by the Chinese President as of great value. If you want great communication, language translation and China strategic advice to help your organisation succeed in China, get them in your corner.”

Professor Allan Fels AO, former Dean Australia New Zealand School of Government