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English to Chinese Translation

It is a leap of faith entrusting your English-Chinese translations to someone. Your important words are being transformed for a Chinese audience and they need to be correct and fit for purpose.  What if your contract had critical mistakes or your marketing materials sounded like “pigeon” Chinese or “Chinglish” – the risks are high, competition extreme, and the market is unforgiving. Who will fix things up when the wheels come off?

Chin Communications does spend a lot of time on legal translations from Chinese to English these days when things go wrong, so our advice is to make sure you start off with clear and accurate communications – correct Chinese translation is a vital key.

Translations to Chinese (and English) will build confidence with your audience and make them feel valued.

From our Chin team, you will:

  1. Be asked questions about the content and purpose and audience so we can tailor the communication correctly for you
  2. Receive correct, thoroughly checked and reviewed Chinese translations from our experienced in-house Chinese translators
  3. Gain insights from our team to help you with your business or situation
  4. Be able to call anytime for queries or follow up work
  5. Build your brand and reputation with quality, well written communications
  6. Get help with layout, design, branding and marketing services for an overall consistent approach and progress

Consistency and quality are not well understood in foreign language translations, one translator will not translate the same as another, so the value of using the same quality-focused translation company and translator will ensure communications are consistent, smooth and easy to understand. It saves a lot of time and potential problems later on.

Spend a few minutes talking to one of our team and you’ll be sure to gain some helpful insights to help you progress with your communications in Chinese.


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