My Practicum Experience with Chin Communications

I entered the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies program of Monash University with 6 months’ experience as a freelance translator. Upon finishing my first semester, I decided to further enrich my proficiency in this field by taking the practicum opportunity offered by Chin communication.

The reason for my choice was fairly straight forward- I thought to myself, “who can better teach a student the world of translation and interpreting than a well established firm specialized in this field.” Also, I believe that the best way to organically combine translation theories and linguistic skills lies in translation practice, and Chin Communications is an exemplar in such practice.

Indeed, four days working with Chin Communication has helped me immensely, and by the end of my last shift, I had gained more insights regarding this profession and the art of translation than all my previous years combined. “Translation is not just about words, it is also about cultures.” I had this conversation with one of Chin’s senior translators over lunch. He said, “you have to always keep in mind your target readers.”

I can say with absolute certainty that with the help of Chin’s highly professional team,  I have progressed significantly not just in my linguistic skills and professional knowledge. Most importantly,  I was constantly inspired by its friendliness, its diligence, and its intellectual conversations.
I am grateful for the practicum opportunity offered by Chin Communication, from which I will forever benefit.

By Neo Tan


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