Beware the Frustrated Tattoo Artist When You Translate Your Special Words

We’ve translated our fair share of tattoo wording – usually something that means a lot to the client and often very difficult to make meaningful in the other language.  We often get asked to translate a name for one’s beloved with comments like:  “I’ve been trying to translate my boyfriend’s name, Fred Bloggs, to Chinese, but I keep getting different opinions! I want to get a tattoo.”  Duh – first comment, don’t do it; but if you really want to, second piece of advice: there isn’t any set translation of names – especially a name like Fred Bloggs – Fred Flintstone maybe, or some other well known first names like John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jesus – you get the idea.

One of the best ones is “Strength and Honour” proudly emblazoned on a bloke’s chest (in Japanese). As he jogged along the Japanese streets, the local kids in Japan laughed and he later found that the wording actually read “small penis”.

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