Covid has made organising events a nightmare for the arts. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra planned its Chinese New Year concert for the Year of the Ox in 2021, targeting Melbourne’s Chinese community still wary about venturing out. Chin was engaged to help with the concert’s promotion.


This campaign focused on two social media platforms, WeChat and RED. WeChat has excellent social media attributes with several local big accounts that target Melbourne Chinese communities delivering videos and program details. On the other hand, RED is a trending platform for sharing food, travel, lifestyle, and more. RED also has a large user base in Melbourne. The two media platforms were perfect for reaching the target Chinese audience. 

Chinese print media was also used as part of the promotions to broaden the reach into the Chinese community. With people stocking up on new year goodies, publications in supermarkets were well read.


The combination of various media placements and influencer promotions on these two leading platforms brought a total of 240,000+ exposures. Despite a lockdown for the first concert date and wild weather on the second, the concert was virtually sold out and a vote of confidence.