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Like other social media platforms, you can advertise and market to your Chinese audience in various ways, and you can allocate a budget to match. Firstly, to ensure your budget is well directed, you need to develop a Chinese digital marketing strategy.

Set your aim, for example:

  • Brand awareness,
  • Growing local followers,
  • Increase sales,
  • Keeping in touch (while travel is difficult),
  • Getting votes (for politicians)

Define and research your target market (in Australia or China), choose particular consumer groups, cities, or states.

Get a Chinese website or pages

Get a Chinese website or pages – followers or viewers of your Chinese content will want to check you out, so develop a few pages in Chinese for your website (or a Chinese hosted site if targeting China). This is important for trust.

As with other forms of social media, there are many ways to market to your audience. You can post interesting and engaging content and even include videos. You can reach out to other accounts and share content; banners, advertising and influencers are all good methods to adopt; even a Chinese phenomenon called Livestreaming has become popular for selling masses of consumer goods.

As you probably do with other social media in English, you need to actively manage your Chinese social media channels. You can outsource this to a Chinese marketing agency like CHIN Communications to get the most value and save resources and time.

Elements to consider are:

  1. Budget – set a budget for running your Chinese social media. Factor in management fee, promotions or WeChat advertising to boost your reach (this is important early on), influencers to promote you, copywriting of content (please use experts); also set up costs.
  2. Content – prepare content appropriate to a Chinese audience, research what they are interested in, hot topics in your space, benefits, how-to’s, and use cultural insights to appeal. Look and learn from competitors.
  3. Frequency – post regularly with engaging topics, news, good images, even video and special offers where available. Set up a calendar with topics to help keep you on track.
  4. Boosting – promote or supercharge your WeChat with influencers called Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs), especially when starting out, to raise your brand awareness. Consider whether you should find an influencer in your sector to boost your brand. This might cost you some products (if B2C) to earn some positive reviews from a Key Opinion Consumer.
  5. Influencers – Key Opinion Leaders are also available for a range of budgets, interests and target audiences – you may need some help to nail the right one.

How we can help you

CHIN has developed a step by step process to underpin your success in Chinese marketing, locally or internationally. It starts with the right China digital marketing strategy.

A consultation is a great first step to see if you are ready for China and to start planning. Contact one of our marketing team today for a confidential discussion: 1300 792 446 or

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"Chin Communications was excellent to work with on our project. They got all work back to us very quickly and were always available for any questions and gave us recommendations over and above simply translating the content we had produced. We would definitely use them again."

Andreas Wenzel, Clean Energy Council