What can a Mandarin Interpreter add to the Olivia Newton-John story?

By Charles Qin, Mandarin Interpreter

There has been so much published about the life of Olivia Newton-John and the impact she had on many lives. I didn’t grow up with her music or movies, but hearing the sad news last week tugged at my heart when I recalled our encounter many years ago. 

Back in June 2012 the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute was opened and I found myself on the stage interpreting into Mandarin the proceedings for the audience, including Chinese donors and dignitaries and the namesake herself.

Accompanying her were many Chinese celebrities, sporting champions and business leaders. The China team dedicated their walk to the many thousands of courageous Chinese people who had treatment for cancer throughout the world. Olivia Newton-John was joined and sponsored by international celebrities and others around the world and in China.

The Australian Ambassador to China, Dr Geoff Raby, also shared in the million steps which traversed desert and snow and was incredibly arduous as anyone who has climbed sections of the Wall can surely attest, not to mention many of the walkers were sufferers of cancer. Another serendipitous connection was in Shanxi Province, where I spent the first decade of my life, where Olivia won some hearts and donations from the locals.

As with so many fundraising efforts in Australia, the Chinese community stands proud and here lies another example of wonderful cooperation between Australia, China and our local Chinese community. It is also a reminder of the importance of good communication – facilitated, of course, by Mandarin interpreters.

I was very proud to stand on the stage and make sure all contributions were acknowledged and inclusive.

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