Brookfield Multiplex

Construction Marketing In China

Major projects and other property developments can’t ignore the importance of China

Brookfield Multiplex (as it was then), won the landmark project to build Sydney’s tallest residential tower for Chinese developer Greenland in 2015. It was a major achievement for the team to be appointed to deliver such an iconic development for Sydney.

Bidding for projects with China or seeking investment into major infrastructure and developments in Australia necessitates Chinese translation and interpreting – without it, the negotiation is more likely to fail.
BM made the decision to give them an edge in negotiations around the project several years earlier by preparing all bidding documentation and marketing information in Chinese translation. Greenland decision makers back in China were presented with a number of competing bids and, to the best of our knowledge, only one had been translated to Chinese. Deadlines were extremely tight and the language specialised; Chin’s team worked around the clock to make sure all documentation was in order to give our client the best chance.

Property developers and marketers usually consider Chinese interests in their plans. Chin, of course, also translates much of the sales and marketing information around a project and it is important to deliver a consistent, culturally appropriate result at all stages of the project.

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