Having a Chinese Website Is a Must for
Building Credibility and Trust

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Chinese Website Creation and Hosting

Creating Chinese websites that “speak” to your Chinese audience

So, you’ve got your product or service offering to the China market up and running.  You’ve registered a Chinese brand name to protect it and now it’s time to launch to the world – well the Chinese world that is – over 1 billion mobile subscribers.

If you are selling to a Chinese market, they will want to check you out – that means having a Chinese website to build credibility and trust. The site should be designed for mobile first as most Chinese will access information on mobile. It must be developed with your Chinese audience front of mind.

Where to host my site

The Great Firewall of China is a reality and while your site will probably not be blocked it will be slow to load. There are a number of options to consider. An e-commerce site, for example, is best hosted in China due to speed, whereas an information-only site will be fine hosted at home or somewhere close, like Hong Kong. A small website or a few pages can be added to your existing website with an extension like /cn. A targeted Chinese translated landing page gives you further options.

There may be features of your website that won’t load in China – say a Google map, YouTube video, social media widgets, javascript, CMS, and certain western fonts which are blocked or slow to load. There may be images or words that the Chinese censors don’t like.

Navigation is also different on Chinese sites – menus and submenus and even sub-sub menus and pages with shorter content rather than scrolling are preferred.

Seek advice from a Chinese marketing agency on the technical aspects that will give your site a competitive edge, including hosting. CHIN can advise and assist you in choosing the right option and helping you design an appealing Chinese website.

Copywriting and Translation of Web Content

The content needs to be written with the audience in mind.  Existing web content can be translated to Chinese, but it also needs to be localised for the targeted Chinese audience. Do not use translation plug-ins. The content must be professionally translated, copywritten, and edited based on your overall Chinese marketing strategy. It may be that your English site just needs some small adjustments or selected pages converted to Chinese to achieve your goal.

Images need to be considered from the audience perspective and convey prestige, quality, fame, and tell a story about the history of your product or service. Colours have different implications in China too. The CHIN team can advise on the overall look and feel and best approach.

Email is not popular in China, so you must use Chinese methods of communication: WeChat is essential, as are QR codes in appropriate places.

Speak to us first to find the best approach for your Chinese website

CHIN can guide you on all aspects of web creation including:

  • In-country website hosting
  • Design for a Chinese audience
  • Chinese translation and copywriting
  • SEO
  • QR codes
  • WeChat marketing and management

One billion Chinese consumers – your website is the first plank! As specialists in Chinese markets, CHIN helps you effectively communicate your messages across the marketing channels that work best for you.

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