How do you promote Chinese New Year?

It’s been three years since we enjoyed Chinese New Year celebrations due to Covid.

This year will be very different. In Australia, Chinese visitors and students are returning so it is time to remember the best ways to engage with them and our large domestic Chinese population.  All Chinese will be keen to get out and celebrate. Most cities have activities planned; all Chinese will be spending big on themselves, on gifts, experiences, trips and food!

How to promote Chinese New Year to customers, visitors and business partners

First of all, Chinese New Year is on 22 January 2023 and this year is the Year of the Rabbit.

Celebrations will go on for about two weeks. As much of China will close down for this time, make sure to send your e-cards and greetings early .  CHIN can help you with an e-card; we’ve already finalised dozens of cards for our clients and there is still time for yours. It is a great gesture to show your care and respect.

Five fast and effective options for a Chinese New Year campaign
  1. Digital advertising on popular platforms here in Australia for Chinese. We’d recommend WeChat and Red. Some ads or banners can be designed without having to set up an account and for a reasonable budget.
  2. Offer special deals – Chinese love a special new year deal – a discount, a giveaway, or a branded red packet with something inside it.
  3. If you are a retail outlet, tourism venue or restaurant, have some signage or special packaging for the Rabbit Year (red is a good colour to use, but not to excess); a restaurant might have a special Chinese New Year menu or dinner.
  4. A short, digital media campaign on the most popular platforms; make sure to tap into Chinese values and be family focused.
  5. Create shareable content to get engagement from your audience on social media with competitions, hashtags or videos.

Take care with the wording. Koreans, Vietnamese and Chinese from all around the world celebrate and many choose “Lunar New Year” words in English to be inclusive of all who celebrate.

If you are running a campaign, make sure to get someone to check it for cultural suitability. Every year we see mistakes in words and images which go viral and damage even the biggest brands. We also see weird signs and activations – consult us if you need reassurance.

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