Repurpose Existing Marketing Videos
with Chinese Subtitles

Chinese subtitles are the preferred way for Chinese audiences
to view English videos


Chinese Subtitles

Subtitling a video in Chinese – an Easy Process & Excellent Sales Tool

  • Won’t blow your budget;
  • Communicate with your audience in their preferred mode;
  • Choose the best platform to reach them;
  • Best of all, use your existing videos

You don’t have to call in a film crew – you can repurpose existing videos for your audience – all you need are some Chinese subtitles. This will certainly save time and money.

Contact our Subtitling Editor: 1300 792 446 or

Open up substantial business opportunities by pursuing cashed up Chinese buyers. You just have to find them. That’s where a video with a great Chinese translation can help. Videos are a huge selling tool in the Chinese market.

Secret to successful subtitling in translation

Chinese subtitles are the preferred way to view videos but your audience won’t tolerate poor translations. You don’t want your video to go viral for the wrong reasons. Whatever you do, don’t use the automated translations on offer from platforms. Subtitling is an art and a machine will miss the nuance and cultural context and likely make your video a dud.

You can avoid confusing or, worse, offending your Chinese viewers by taking one step – hiring a Chin Communications subtitling editor.

Your video is in safe hands and our internal team of linguists, subtitlers and marketing experts combine resources to make it ‘speak’ to your viewers and find them where they hang out.

Which platform works best?

The channels we use in the west are blocked in China, so you’ll need to access new platforms, like WeChat; our marketing team will align your aims with the right channel and make it all work smoothly.

Uncover some secrets to creating great subtitle videos in Chinese

Simple steps to create Chinese video

  1. Select the video you’d like to use
  2. Send it to us for our review
  3. We work the magic bringing it to life in Chinese
  4. We help you with the right channel/platform
  5. You start converting interest and sales

Find out more – or 1300 792 446

Find out about our subtitling editor for other languages.

What videos work well for subtitling in translation?

  • Social media marketing
  • Corporate and marketing communications
  • Industry updates
  • Training and education purposes
  • Videos that entertain
  • Government messages
  • Advertisements
  • Virtual tours
  • Local Chinese audience at home
  • Livestreaming for consumer market

Contact our language team for help with subtitling – or 1300 792 446

I recently used Chin Communications for translation of a video. From the very beginning Chin Communications were helpful and provided a high level of communication and service. The finished product is fantastic and was delivered in a timely manner. All throughout the process I received updates and was confident in Chin Communications delivering a great finished product.

Mairead Whelan, Warrnambool City Council