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  • How to Find a Chinese Translator

    These days sorting through thousands and thousands of professionals in any occupation can be a daunting task. Google is a joy delivering options for us all, but a minefield in how to find a Chinese Translator who is a good one, or any other professional for that matter.

  • Chinese Translator for WeChat

    Wechat is an entire ecosystem for its now 1 billion users – no less in Australia which has, by some accounts, over 2 million active users and where you can do almost anything from hiring a taxi to buying a house; travel overseas or book an appointment. If you are targeting China, Chinese consumers, or developing relationships with Chinese, you have to be on WeChat.

  • Mandarin Interpreter Melbourne

    A search in google will deliver thousands and thousands of interpreters and not just Mandarin interpreters and many won’t even be in Melbourne, so how to find a good one?

  • Chinese Name Translation and Meaning

    Contrary to what we often hear, there is no set Chinese name translation, unless your name happens to be Jesus or Mary or John, that is. Choosing an auspicious personal name or a brand name for your soon to be a global business can be a make or break deal for you.