Chinese Name Translation and Meaning


Chinese Name Translation and Meaning

Contrary to what we often hear, there is no set Chinese name translation, unless your name happens to be Jesus or Mary or John, that is.

Choosing an auspicious personal name or a brand name for your soon to be global business can be a make or break deal for you. The China journey is paved with hilarious mistakes, misadventures through failing to register a name, or plain embarrassing ones, like pig and feminine hygiene – actual examples we’ve seen. One thing is for sure, you can’t ignore the China market

So how to get your Chinese name translation and meaning right:

  1. Experience – a translator with experience in marketing and branding who can discuss your brief and meet with you and your team to look at the bigger picture.
  2. Location – a Chinese Translator in a different country may not have the local knowledge of your Australian situation, or be available to meet and talk with you about what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Culture – an appreciation of the importance of hierarchy to develop not just a name with good meaning, but just the right title to open doors for you.
  4. Scale – a single freelancer might be here today and gone tomorrow. If it is a one-off piece of work, that is fine; but if, like many of our clients, you are starting a China journey, it is of inestimable value to find a Chinese translation service that you can build a partnership with, to understand your aims, your language, and to be around whenever you need them.
  5. Other services – You may need other services, such as China marketing or Mandarin Interpreting or ongoing Chinese translations, so choose a translation company with a range of services and availability.
  6. Layout – if you are producing a business card or a brochure – words are not enough, you need the expertise on layout and design to produce something that suits your Chinese audience and makes you look serious.
  7. Confidentiality – can your translator sign a confidentiality agreement.
  8. Meaning – you may want to have a particular meaning ascribed to your personal name or a business name that tells what you do, or a tag line or logo developed – it is important to think about the end outcome and process at the outset.


Questions you can ask to help you find a Chinese name translation and meaning service:

Why should I translate my brand – can’t I leave it in English?

What type of experience do you have in names and branding and can you provide examples?

Can you develop an organisational chart for executives’ names and titles for my company?

How can I be sure that the name you give me/my brand is good and/or available to register?

Can you do Chinese designs for my business card?

Can you help introduce us to Chinese clients?

Can you help with a branding strategy for the China market?

Can you help design collateral for our marketing materials?


We hope that helps you narrow your search, and if you have other questions about Chinese name translation and meaning, we’d be happy to help.


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