Dept of Agriculture and Water Resources

Government Marketing In China

Chin assists Australian Government strengthen investment and technological cooperation in agriculture to enhance food security

‘Feeding the Future’ was a publication by DFAT which laid out the importance of Australian agriculture in the China story and strengthening investment and technological cooperation in agriculture to enhance food security. The results have seen more Chinese investment in our underdeveloped areas, improved technological cooperation and, of course, the huge interest in Australia’s clean, green produce.

Chin Communications was involved in translating this book and on a daily basis supports businesses and governments in agriculture whether research organisations, producers, government agencies or exporters.

Working with federal and state departments has encompassed a range of language services. We frequently assist the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources with visiting inspections and audits. Our Mandarin Interpreters have travelled the length and breadth of the country inspecting fodder exports, abattoirs, infant formula manufacturers, etc; we’ve translated technical reports and publications, certificates and research. Our interpreters are often at the table for those key bilateral meetings as well as well as delegation visits to and from China.

Growing investment, commercial benefits for producers, research and development and opportunities for sustainable agriculture, genetics, biotechnology and environmental remediation are just some of the areas we can focus on. Chinese translation and interpreting services are critical to understanding and success.

* ‘Feeding the Future’, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2012