Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

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A key partner of CMBA for over 10 years

Victoria led the way as the first jurisdiction outside China to register Chinese Medicine practitioners in 2000. Chin Communications was a key partner of the Board for over ten years. It was a huge learning curve for both of us as Chinese Medicine has its own unique vocabulary which is deeply imbibed in Chinese culture and history. We developed glossaries and relationships and understanding and the partnership was extremely valuable.

When Chinese Medicine and its regulation went national in 2012 and became part of AHPRA, Chin and the team at the Board were well equipped to continue to provide language services and help in the delivery of effective services to consumers and administrators.

One of the first projects was a streamlined registration process and translation of various qualification documents for practitioners, training was rolled out across Australia – of course aided by Mandarin interpreters and supplemented with written communications to practitioners and the public. Even Chinese Medicine conferences have been run with Simultaneous Interpreters handling the complexities of acupuncture and herbal medicine in Mandarin and English.

The results ensure Australian consumers are protected with a well-regulated system, Chinese practitioners have an organisation to assist them with their practices and Chinese Medicine is now recognised as part of the mainstream health offering.

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