Dairy Australia


Partnering with DA to develop a team of language experts from paddock to plate

DA facilitates profitable international trade in dairy products – a major export industry with exports of $2.88 billion in 14/15. Who hasn’t heard about the demand for dairy products in China!

Communicating the clean, green message and encouraging consumption of dairy into markets that don’t traditionally consume dairy has been a long term task. From policy makers to scientists to consumers, messages and programs have to be finely tuned and frequent visits and engagement required to build understanding.

Chin has supported DA with visiting delegations, presentations and even crafting recipe books and interpreting for cooking classes - this has helped Chinese to realise Australia’s advantages.

In 1999, DA established the Greater China Scholarship program which brings a group of experts to Australia every year giving them deep insight into Australia’s reputation for quality and safety. Chin has been a partner to DA ever since and developed a team of language experts from paddock to plate to ensure the language is spot on.

An alumni of over 250 delegates have become Australian Dairy advocates. During their study in Australia they learn about the industry and engage with various manufacturers and exporters. Chin won a National Interpreting Award in 2013 for its ongoing support of the program which has helped drive sales and business opportunities in the dairy sector. Greater China is now the fastest growing market.