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How to Market to Chinese Visitors to Australia – You Wish!

Media & Communications

A beautiful translation and design demands a perfect Chinese layout – Wish Magazine achieves all of this.

Wish Magazine is “specifically curated for savvy intelligent people who are interested in fashion, world travel, fine dining, fast cars, design and architecture”. (newscorpaustralia website)

Their stories of luxury are brought to life with beautiful images, crafted writing and a classy look – its rich and powerful audience is no longer just in Australia.  In 2015 The Australian launched Wish Magazine’s first Chinese edition and it has been published biannually ever since with Chin Communications at the helm of the translation and layout.

Wish editor David Meagher said: “The number of Chinese tourists coming to Australia continues to increase and they seek luxury goods and experiences while they are here. Wish will steer them in the right direction in terms of where to stay, eat and shop… gives luxury brands a unique opportunity to talk to a Chinese market.”

But talking to them in their language – in well translated and copy-written Chinese is the key. Chin has worked on all issues and developed a style of its own and ensured consistency across brands and places presenting the best of Australia to a discerning Chinese audience. Chin’s team approach and thorough review and re-review of content is hard to beat.

Pleasure working with the Chin team

“The quality of work from Chin Communications was delivered swiftly and professionally with a high level of customer service. It was a pleasure working with the Chin team.”

Grace Wilson, The Australian