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La Trobe Financial positioned well to assist growing interest from Chinese investors

With more than 65 years of experience and now managing over $12 billion of retail and institutional investments, La Trobe Financial took a big step in 2008 when it embraced China and the opportunity it would present.

With growing interest from Chinese investors and the FTA opening up access to the Chinese market, better services and better investment markets are being sought by Chinese investors and La Trobe Financial has positioned itself well to assist.

Having all of its key information translated in Chinese has enabled both China and local Chinese investors in Australia to understand the offering and take advantage of loans or investments, amongst other services. Hosting visiting groups in a respectful and engaging manner and making important linkages to other institutions and governments has broadened La Trobe Financial’s influence.

One of its lasting legacies for the broader Australian market has been the establishment of the La Trobe Academy Program; over 50 alumni in banking and investment firms in China have benefited from this tailored training program educating Chinese executives in wealth management, and the banking and finance industry and rolling out the welcome to Australia.

As language and culture partner to La Trobe Financial, we are proud to see the ongoing success of the company and its China engagement and its Chinese understanding at all levels brings benefits to Australia.

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