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Little Projects transforming Melbourne's suburbs

It was delightful to see Little Projects’ logo as the major sponsor for the Chinese Museum’s Han Dynasty exhibition in Melbourne. Directly underneath was the Chin logo as the ‘Language Partner’ for the exhibition: Han Dynasty Life Everlasting – people, ideas, innovation. Those words resonate for Chin, too, and our serendipitous connection to Little Projects over recent years has delivered some beautiful property projects to Victoria – in Chinese translation.

With over $1 billion of property completed or under construction, Little Projects is transforming many of Melbourne’s suburbs and creating value for its clients. To Chinese investors and purchasers, the reading of beautiful Chinese translations and Chinese copywriting, and knowing that the collateral is all culturally appropriate has been an important contribution by Chin to Little’s suite of projects – ‘engineers of lifestyles’ is the catchcry and Chin brings these words to life with its team of Chinese translators for the Chinese market.

Another important, but often not realised element to creating exquisite collateral, is consistency. Just as the English materials have a consistent style and look, so too must the Chinese. Chin’s thorough approach in producing translated materials, its teamwork style, having an in-house team which understands the client’s needs, can communicate with the client, and drawing on previous work is a huge asset in this competitive real  estate space. Best in Class!  We concur.

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