Meet Geelong


A Chinese Brand that speaks to your target Chinese audience is vital.

Business Events Geelong is hoping to attract more Chinese business visitors to Geelong in order to showcase the great conference facilities and tourism destinations around the Bellarine Peninsula.

Geelong has a multi-award winning convention bureau, great venues and function spaces, abundant accommodation and transport options and free management services to deliver wonderful business events.

Chin was engaged to develop a Chinese brand name and logo to bring the opportunity to the Chinese audience in a clever and fun way.

Our client had already been ‘given’ a couple of options for a Chinese name.
One was more like an invitation to meet up and, to us, was ordinary and rather weak in its impact: 相遇吉朗

The other had an aura of romance around it and therefore might work for a tourism offering, but wasn’t suitable for a business brand: 邂逅吉朗

Chin’s marketing and branding team set to work and arrived at a bespoke brand name and  logo, through our tailor-made branding process.

Geelong’s name is reasonably well known in Chinese, but people may not know where it is, so we decided that both ‘Geelong’ and Australia needed to feature.

The look and feel of the English brand mark, colouring and playful style were replicated in our Chinese version and we commissioned one of our calligraphers to ‘brush stroke’ the final characters – jovial, fun and fresh – but also functioning within the rules of Chinese calligraphy.

We’re sure you will be pleased to meet it too: Meet Geelong!

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