Monash University

Education Marketing In China

Monash University first Australian university to operate in China

Monash University is Australia’s largest and, in terms of international students in Australia, second largest university in Australia. Monash also has campuses from South Africa to Italy and, of course, China.

The Suzhou Campus which opened in 2013 honoured Monash as the first Australian university to receive a licence to operate in China and is training postgraduates and researchers  in areas such as IT, bio- and nano-technology, transportation, and interpreting and translating.

Monash values the field of interpreting and translating with an outstanding Master Program at its Melbourne Campus. Chin recognised its value when we established the Monash  Chin Communications Masters Scholarship for Mandarin-English Interpreters and Translators in 2012. Since that time, Chin has found homes for Monash students as practicum placements or permanent employees starting out their careers.

Monash University excels at reaching out to potential students and their families with well written and translated marketing materials, course information, social media – even business cards. Hosting visiting dignitaries, holding special events, or opening offshore campuses requires carefully crafted Chinese words – again Chin is privileged to be invited to provide these important language services, to ensure respectful communications and correct etiquette.

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